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Samsung turns to Harman to further develop SmartThings

Harman and Samsung have entered into a strategic partnership that will allow Harman to adopt the SmartThings standard and to postpone it against other Internet of Things products. Announced today, the Samsung SmartThings R & D team and HARMAN Connected Services (HCS), a division of HARMAN International, will collaborate on the platform with HCS developing and supporting SmartThings applications and the development of devices.

Samsung bought early Internet of Things darling SmartThings in 2014 for around $ 200 million. Since then, Samsung has slowly expanded the product line and has been working on services in several Samsung products. Yet, from an outside point of view, SmartThings has been treading water.

Harman, also a Samsung company, will take over the key tasks of SmartThings development, including the development and deployment of the SmartThings application, the integration of third-party sensors into the SmartThings ecosystem , the development of SmartThings Cloud and the development of the SmartThings roadmap.

SmartThings was one of the first companies to offer a complete ecosystem of the Internet of Things turnkey. The company raised a $ 3 million seed round in 2012 and demonstrated its wear at CES 2013 by renovating a rented house in Vegas. Samsung bought the company in 2014 when the IoT wars warmed up. Since then, SmartThings has largely been left behind Alexa and Google Home have grown in popularity. It will now be up to Harman to make SmartThings live up to its promises.

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