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Scribd will receive the & # 39; Fates Divide & # 39; of Veronica Roth on the day of launch

Scribd is targeting larger and newer titles.

E-book and audiobook versions of The Fates Divide the second volume of the series Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth will be broadcast tomorrow on Scribd. This is not an exclusive – you will be able to buy The Fates Divide in bookstores and at online retailers – but Scribd will be the only subscription service where you will be able to find the e-book at launch day.

The publisher of Roth, HarperCollins was the first of the Big Five to join the service in 2013. Last year, he also began to offer some of his new titles " frontlist "on Scribd.

So, even if you did not look forward to the next book in the series, it's worth noting that HarperCollins is ready to launch major titles on Scribd, rather than simply treating the service as a way to monetize old books.

Roth is best known as the author of the series Divergent of novels for young adults. It is also a sensation with its new books, the first volume begins at number one on the list of best sellers of the New York Times. According to critics, Carve the Mark resembles Divergent in his combination of dystopian science fiction and teenage romance – but with a touch of Star Wars while the Action goes to a distant planet.

In the announcement, HarperCollins senior director of digital business development, Adam Silverman, said:

We are confident that Scribd's subscription model is an excellent retail platform on which to launch new titles and generate buzz for a huge release such as The Fates Divide . In the five years we've worked with Scribd, we've seen increased value in providing our service books – their wonderful referral engine and merchandising efforts are hard to beat – and we're excited to be working with Scribd for to promote even more of our best books in the future as our partnership continues to grow.

Scribd says that he now has more than 750,000 paying subscribers. He has also recently returned to a model where these subscribers can read and listen to an unlimited number of books (although there are certain limits for the most voracious readers).

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