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SegWit's "Death" Challenge: BitPico promises to swarm while goes 100% Bitcoin Cash

SegWit's "Death" Challenge: BitPico promises to swarm while Releases 100% Bitcoin Cash

SegWit2x may still arrive, rumors suggest after its cancellation as Roger Ver goes completely Bitcoin Cash.

While the community reacted to the "death" of the hard fork, his ghosts already haunt Bitcoin As before, the unknown entity BitPico has vowed to continue "despite everything".

"We are doing the fork, even if everything is set in motion." Reducing the difficulty right now is a strategy, "wrote BitPico from a Microsoft address iCloud

"I wonder why 30% of the hash rate of the network has disappeared? It's ours; the miners who will continue what is moving … A handful of humans can not stop what they have no control over … "

 SegWit2x Final Steps "src =" "title =" SegWit2x Final Steps "</p>
<p dir= The message raised suspicions, the entrepreneur Tuur Demeester suggesting that this could even be a hoax.

The general feeling of relief that SegWit2x failed to reach consensus does not seem to have affected everyone.

Important American exchange Coinbase subsequently announced "Surveillance" of the "update" 2x and would make a statement "in the coming days." Users reacted with confusion As the cancellation of the fork apparently left nothing to be desired, [traduction]

Roger Ver, disappointed with the decision of the NYA signatories to cancel, released a message confirming that his resource would only treat Bitcoin Cash. the future

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 Message of public interest "src =" "title =" Message of the public public interest "/> </p>
<p dir= The so-called" public interest message "was condemned on social networks by those who regretted that novice users accessing simply because of his Known address had little idea that they were not accessing Bitcoin.