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"Self-Regulating" Nanoparticles Can Burn Cancer Without Harming Healthy Cells

Researchers from the University of Surrey and Dalian University of Technology in China have created a nanoparticle form that can heat and kill cancer cells, and then can be used to treat cancer. self-regulating to avoid burning healthy cells. Particles can increase their temperature between 42 ° C and 45 ° C, hot enough to kill cancer cells. Once they reach a set temperature, they pull back, thus ensuring that healthy cells are spared.

"Zn-Co-Cr ferrite nanoparticles produced for this study self-regulate, which means that they stop automatically when they reach temperatures above 45 ° C. Importantly, nanoparticles are also low in toxicity and are not likely to cause permanent damage to the body, "wrote the researchers in a statement


"This could potentially change the deal in the way we treat people with cancer.If we can maintain cancer treatment at a temperature level high enough to kill cancer, then that's enough Low to stop harming healthy tissue, it will prevent some serious side effects of vital treatments, "said Professor Ravi Silva, Institute of Technology, University of Surrey.

In magnetically induced hyperthermia a magnetically active chemical in a tumor. Magnetism is converted into heat that essentially burns the tumor, but can also affect other parts of the body. This system automatically controls the temperature, reducing the need for external temperature management.