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Selling things locally should not be difficult, see these 20 applications

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If you have extra office supplies or stocks that you want to sell quickly, you may not need anything other than your smartphone to close the sale. There are tons of apps out there that offer local selling options to connect with potential buyers nearby.

What is the best app for selling stuff locally?

Here are 20 options to consider when looking for the best app to sell things locally.


The popular e-commerce platform offers a local sales function and a mobile app, allowing you to reach its massive customer base directly from your mobile device in order to sell items locally.


For hand-made or vintage products, Etsy offers a similar local search feature that can help you find your products found by nearby customers.

Facebook market

If you are already using Facebook for your small business, the social media giant's market platform could also be an attractive option to sell locally. You can list products and manage conversations directly from the application.

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CPlus for Craigslist

Craigslist is one of the most popular online platforms for selling items to local shoppers. In order to take advantage of the platform on your mobile device, a third-party application like CPlus can help you.


Carousell is a mobile platform specifically designed for the sale of people to people. You can post a photo, chat with potential buyers and then supplement your sales with people in your neighborhood.


Another mobile platform that aims to provide a simple experience, LetGo allows you to post, discuss and make sales quickly. You can set a specific location and buyers can search in a specific range to find the closest products to them.

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OfferUp allows you to sell a variety of different products to nearby consumers. Buyers and browse the many categories of the platform or search for something specific ..


Vinted is a platform dedicated to the purchase, sale and exchange of clothing. You can post a photo and chat with potential buyers when they have questions, then quickly close the sales.

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Depop describes itself as an application for the creative community. It includes categories for clothing, accessories and similar items. You can even add a video to show your products in a unique way.

5 miles

With a special focus on local sales, 5miles uses your phone's location feature to target the closest potential buyers. You can sell items in a variety of categories and take advantage of security features like identity verification.


Specifically for collectors, Boxes offers a mobile platform for the purchase and sale of collectibles such as antiques, comics and even jewelry. You can also use it as a platform to connect and chat with other people who share interests.


Marked as a virtual flea market, Wallapop allows you to easily sell a variety of different items simply by displaying a photo of your item and then connecting with potential buyers.


SocialSell allows you to buy and sell new and used items in a variety of different categories, including clothing, antiques, souvenirs and even the automobile.


An online garage sale, VarageSale offers a website and a mobile application where you can sell almost anything. It also includes an identity verification function to ensure security when performing transactions.

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Shpock provides a mobile platform for the purchase and sale of a variety of used items. Buyers can browse by category or even see items on a map to find the most relevant items nearby.


If you are looking to sell any vehicle, Blinker offers a mobile platform where you can take a picture, put your car up for sale and converse directly with local buyers.


Trove is an app that brings fashionable clothes and accessories from popular fashion bloggers and influencers to others. Sellers can ship items or converse with buyers to arrange a local sale.


An online and mobile platform, Tradyo allows you to list items quickly. Buyers can then search for specific items in their zip code to find the most relevant options.

near my home

A mobile classifieds platform, nearme offers options for the sale of electronics, furniture, cars and even real estate.


If you are looking to sell mobile phones, computers or other used electronics, Cashify offers you a platform to quickly list items and have them sold and picked up by local buyers.

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