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Shopify wants to help small businesses make showrooms on their e-commerce sites

Shopify Electronic Trading Company (NYSE: SHOP) launches a new "Buy Online for Shopify POS" feature, allowing consumers to register a purchase in person.

Buy online for Shopify POS

This new feature allows retailers who use Shopify POS to offer buyers in-person the opportunity to buy a product online later after trying it in your store. And the best part is that they can buy it from your online store.

How it works:

A customer in your store checks a product you have on sale (and loaded into your Shopify POS inventory). They are not sure if they want to buy it right away and they will go home and check online.

It is at this point that your store has the opportunity to lose a sale to another company. This is despite the fact that a customer has tried the product at your expense. It's showrooming. Showrooming can be a barrier for many retailers, especially small brick and mortar retail businesses.

Buy Online for POS Shopify, retailers like you can now send a link to the product that the buyer is trying in your store. The link will take them directly to your online store, where they can make the purchase.

The "Buy Online for Shopify POS" means that any Shopify merchant can offer a quality in-person experience in addition to the convenience of selling products online. The new Shopify feature allows merchants to give their customers the means to buy goods anywhere and anytime, using a mobile device and a link to their product carts.

The "Buy Online for Shopify POS" feature helps small retailers overcome their difficulties because it gives them the freedom and flexibility to register a purchase in person and purchase it later online .

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Rahul Kulkarni, product manager at Retailify, explained in a statement on the new service: "Buying Online for Shopify POS helps companies to fill the online and offline shopping experience by offering customers a convenient way to try in person, buy online entirely through a single retailer. Now in store, the retail shopping experience can be as simple and seamless as an online purchase. "

Retailers who use the "Buy Online for Shopify POS" feature can apply a discount to the Buy Online link to match the price of an online competitor, which means that they are less likely to miss a competitor.

Image: Shopify