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Sign of the time: the floor of the Hong Kong Stock Exchange closed to be transformed into a museum

Sign of the evolution of financial markets to digital platforms, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd. has closed its physical office this week, planning to turn part of the region into a museum for future generations to see how the exchange has worked in its glory days.

The remoteness of the physical infrastructure has been coming, with the number of digital trading has become increasingly ubiquitous for markets around the world, the physical parquet has become a little dinosaur, with most traders enjoying the flexibility of digital freedom

Sign of the Times

The fact that physical trading rooms have become essentially meaningless is a sign of time, while we are moving away from national platforms towards new forms of digital currency transactions. The rise of cryptocurrency like Bitcoin, however, is seen as the next wave of change for finance.

Because cryptocurrencies combine the flexibility of digital financing systems with the security of hand-to-hand transactions, they represent the next step in payment and agreement platforms.

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