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Silicon Valley HBO digs at ICO Mania in the latest episode of Crypto-Themed

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HBO's Silicon Valley does its part to pave the way for ICOs, as evidenced by the latest episode, which was titled "Initial Coin Offering."

The series, whose opening includes a coinbase Coinbase coinbase in the corporate landscape, is everything, with the decentralized boot Internet Foot Piper opting to pursue an ICO when their original plans for financing from the B series go south.

The cryptocurrency community was in turmoil about the new social media episode, including Reddit where members thought the episode was doing justice to the market and providing "high visibility".

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Silicon Valley Season 5 rankings are down from Season 4, at least for 18-49 year olds. But the two weakest episodes of this demo were earlier in the season and since then, the numbers are gaining momentum, as evidenced by HBO's decision to renew the series for a sixth season.

The Fictional Foot Piper ICO

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The intro sequence of the current season of Silicon Valley includes a notable addition: the giant of the crypto industry coinbase.

The scenario is ripe with cryptocurrency references and also presents an apparently premature purchase of a Tesla by one of the engineers.

The main character Bertram Gilfoyle presents the ICO as a "winning victory" because the management team does not have to dilute control with the venture capitalists and despite any "volatility of cryptocurrency ". Gilfoyle, Chief Architect of Pied Piper, has been exploiting digital currencies since 2009 when Bitcoin first appeared, a scene he described as "underground" and "only true believers".

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Gilfoyle introduced Pied Piper's piece, which was his idea, in a TV interview with Bloomberg Tech, where host Emily Chang made a cameo.

"What attracted me, is the passage ICO offers through the venture capital sticks of the river." What attracted me was an enlightened disdain. for traditional fiduciary money, its stained paper with the greasy prints of your banks and your mints, "Gilfoyle told Bloomberg's Chang in the episode.

"What attracted me, is the fundamental anonymity of cryptocurrencies that protects private transactions from the green gazes of government connoisseurs," he added.

If the show's characterization seems emblematic of the cryptocurrency market, it's because they've hired blockchain consultants for the series.

Meanwhile, Chang pointed to Gilfoyle's "gloomy vision of financial institutions that have worked for centuries," to which the character responded, "Worked, how?" To end the segment.

As a Reddit member has pointed out, Silicon Valley also has not diverted some of the risks associated with ICOs.

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Courtesy: Reddit

For example, there is a scene in a dumpster with Pied Piper's management team discussing the ICO with a "friend" who advised three dozen startups on chip sales. When asked if they were working, the advisor joked, "This is not always a money issue. Sometimes it is wisdom. The advisor lost $ 1 billion in transactions and physically lost $ 300 million in digital currency when the USB stick on which the funds were stored was thrown in the trash.

Pied Piper, a decentralized and fictitious Internet start-up, has taken its own life. For example, there is a website dedicated to the fake company that looks a lot like a blockchain startup that, in many ways, could be a reality, with the exception of promises like "100x profit".

Pied Piper Coin began trading at $ 0.07 and has to trade for $ 68 per coin in order to reach the estimate that they would have received with the support of the capital of risk.

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