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Simon Dixon: "Bitcoin and crypto are so different things to so many different people"

Cointelegraph begins to publish series of flash interviews with fascinating speakers and guests from BlockShow Asia that took place in Singapore in November 2017.

Simon Dixon, an English businessman, entrepreneur, banking reformer and angel investor, knows the fintech as the back of his hand. After moderating a crypto background discussion at BlockShow Asia, Simon then spoke to Cointelegraph about the geography of crypto, shared his enthusiasm for the development of the industry and suggested an idea for a new Blockchain app

Cointelegraph: What is your first impression on the place, on the community gathered here, on the public?

SD: Well, you could not have picked a better place in Asia. ! Singapore is great! There is a very big presence here. We have just launched the first panel and I think the audience really appreciated what they were getting out of it. It looks like a good diversity of investors and entrepreneurs and newcomers to the sector. You know that we are growing rapidly right now, prices are at record levels, which attracts a lot of people and you did a great job in bringing them together in Singapore.

CT: You travel a lot, I imagine, did you notice a difference between crypto communities in different parts of the earth?

SD: This is an interesting question! I think that Bitcoin and cryptocurrency have been conceived as an innovation without borders. What I live right now is everywhere you go – there are just vibrant communities, there are bankers leaving, there is an exodus to Blockchain right now. I think wherever you go, there are different cases of use. I just come from Vietnam. I'm going to Seoul, Korea. In Vietnam, I experience more development in the field, people looking to do really interesting things. Here in Singapore, I see people using Bitcoin and Blockchain for more financial innovation. They have a very buoyant financial sector here. In Seoul there are very new investment products, there is a lot of speculation. In other places where I go, you see it everywhere. It's just a fast-growing, exciting and overwhelming sector. It's my emotion that I feel every day – the excitement and the despondency

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CT: Do you still feel comfortable with it? to be so excited and overwhelmed at work?

This is the first time that I started doing it in 2011. In 2011, I knew all the transactions that we could have done. Now, receives 30 requests a day from people wanting to build something new on Blockchain. , looking for investment and growth. It's exciting to see our industry getting this traction because for so long it was a small niche where we were just trying to explain to people this very strange concept. Now, it seems like everyone wants to know about it. There is so much education needed to go from where we were in the very early days to what we are now, and some sort of adoption on the forecast until 2018 up to # 39 in 2020 and beyond.

CT: What are the most important and sensitive things to revive the industry?

SD: I think what we are seeing now is that Bitcoin has officially become digital. I think in the past it was focused on being a currency. Because it is now digital gold, he created this "thing of the world currency of the currency of return of the world currency" which is global and we had never seen it before . So whenever you exchange assets that are being built because they are both technology protocols and financial products, people find it very difficult because they act according to the how you want to use them. they act like everyone else. What we are seeing now is that Bitcoin has reached the $ 10,000 mark – Ethereum probably approaches 500.

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CT: It was the gift from yesterday for BlockShow.

SD: Yes, we have records for the show. On the basis of these are like the foundations of a large part of the innovation. Bitcoin is like the safe of value in our world. Where people see it as a crazy thing, in our world, it's as if the flight to security was Bitcoin. And then Ethereum is like this very innovative product that everyone builds, breaks things up and has new dramas every week; just like the whole industry. But I think it captures the imagination of everyone and it's really great to see the number of people entering the sector.

When I first entered this field, I believed that the future of finance was very different. the past and today we actually see this happening. It is the ideal place for people who want to come to work, develop their skills, there is a lot of money – we exceed 300 billion market capitalization. So now we do not even need traditional financing, we go out and we do our own thing. It's such a fascinating thing that we are becoming almost like a self-financing mechanism whereby the industry has enough rich people to finance themselves. So, you do not need to go to traditional finance and try to persuade people of those strange and strange ideas that are so foreign to what they know. And then they can take their time to integrate into the sector and use it the way they want to use it because Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency are so different things for so much of different people.

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CT: What book has inspired you recently? Maybe you would advise something to our readers?

SD: Well this might seem like a blatant self-promotion, but I believe that I wrote the first book in the world covered Bitcoin that s 39; calls Bank to the Future. I went back to read it and I think it is still as relevant today as when I wrote it for the first time in 2011.

CT: N & A Would not you like to republish it?

SD: I would like to republish it but I do not find the inspiration and the time to do it.

CT: Inspiration or era?

SD: Well … the weather. I do not like writing I love talking, so for me it is a very abnormal process.

CT: So, you have to find some one who is listening and then …

SD: Exactly , maybe it's a new application Blockchain

Ideas come from everywhere.

Simon Dixon spoke to Lucrezia Cornèr, managing editor of Cointelegraph.