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Singles Day was a global shopping phenomenon, but will US marketers get on board?

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It's time for marketers in North America to take Singles Day seriously. The holidays continue to grow in popularity around the world. Even though it's not yet as important in the US as it is abroad, especially in Asia, research shows that it is also booming in the markets. north Americans.

The holiday season has become increasingly competitive, with brands fighting to win over consumers with the right messages and smart promotions. The season starts earlier than in the past, with many retailers trying to get ahead of the shopping frenzy.

Timing is especially important in mobile application marketing. Your goal should be to get customers to download your app before the busy days, so you can focus on driving purchases via push notifications, retargeting campaigns, and email marketing. In fact, our company's research has shown that app installs begin to rise after Halloween, and that users acquired earlier in the season are more useful than those who download your app after Thanksgiving.

Singles Day is November 11 – a great time for traders to embrace a shopping promotion. Let's take a look at the future potential of this holiday in North America, and how marketers can use it to generate application facilities before the start of the shopping season, as well as to generate more of income.

What is the day of singles?

Singles Day is the biggest shopping day in the world. It has been described as the "first day of Amazon – on steroids". This year, it has broken previous world records, reaching $ 23.5 billion in sales, more than 40 percent more than the total of last year.

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Singles Day is a celebration of single life, much like the antithesis of Valentine's Day. The date, 11/11, was chosen because the number one represents a person who is not attached.

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Singles Day is often associated with Alibaba, the Chinese e-commerce giant. Although he did not invent the opportunity, he had the foresight to start promoting it. Since 2009, Alibaba celebrates November 11 as a day where singles treat each other and a day to celebrate culture and commerce.

Alibaba tapped celebrities from around the world to help promote the event, and traders follow his example. This year, for example, Nicole Kidman and Pharrell attended the Alibaba Gala to celebrate the occasion.

Does all this indicate that North Americans have kissed the holidays or that they will do it? According to our shopping data, Singles Day generates more purchases in North America than ever before, but much of this growth comes from large immigrant populations in the region. (The majority of applications were based in Asia.)

Singles' incomes rise in North America

The data from our shopping application also showed that the facilities and app purchases globally increased the single day compared to last year. Application installations reached their peak during the singles day, but the whole week before the event was also stronger than usual. On nearly 2.5 million application installations and 5 million purchases, more than a million application facilities and 3 million of them. purchases came from Southeast Asia. It's a big part of the business, certainly, but it also means that singles day takes flight in places beyond one's place of origin.

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In fact, Singles Day 2017 showed growth in purchases and revenues compared to Singles Day 2016 in all regions. In Southeast Asia, revenues increased by 107% this year compared to last year, according to our numbers; but it's worth noting that Singles Day has also generated 68% more revenue in North America this year than in 2016.

These increases may indicate that vacations are gaining popularity and app marketers are paying more attention. However, increases in revenues and facilities in North America were mainly attributable to the large immigrant population, especially Americans of Asian origin.

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Many US brands continue to neglect the commercial potential of 11/11. Think about it: How many Day Singles promotions have you received this year? I do not bet much.

An opportunity for traders

There is no reason why big brands can not adopt Singles Day. This is a pretty sure message of the brand. Why not encourage people to celebrate their unique status and be pampered a bit? The "Treat Yo Self" mantra already makes sense in the North American market, especially in the millennia. Companies can join the global movement and invest in their own promotions.

Singles Day is an "excuse" to connect with your audience and offer smart discounts and fun messages. It's also a way to stand out. Marketers will be competing with a lot less promotions than Black Friday, for example.

You should also consider using Singles Day as a way to generate application installations before the start of peak shopping season. New customers that you earn on single day could become regular buyers, prompted to make holiday shopping with you too.

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I suggest that brands act quickly to get ahead and take ownership of vacations before their competitors do. When creating your marketing strategy for 2018, consider including Singles Day campaigns. If recent data is an indication, the holidays will continue to increase in popularity around the world.

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