Skimping on deliverability spend? You hurt your courier program

For a variety of reasons, companies are increasingly choosing to manage their email production internally or through agencies rather than outsourcing this work to the departments. A technology company. Done correctly, any of them can be viable options. Whatever your choice, make sure you have enough budget for deliverability. Failure to adequately invest in the technology and services required can have a negative effect on your results.

Let's say you earn $ 15 million a year from your email program, depending on the last-click attribution. What is the impact on the income of a 10% lower investment in the inbox, or even a week of blocking? Making straightforward calculations in straight lines is $ 1.5 million (10 percent of $ 15 million) or $ 288,000 ($ 15 million 52).

Of course, there are always nuances and lags between mailbox providers – one is stuck for a few days, then another and so on. The point remains: deliverability has a direct correlation with the efficiency of your email program and your income.

You must protect your program. The best strategy and creativity means nothing if you can not access the inbox.

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