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Small business security experts discuss the importance of identifying needs first

Good security is just as important for a small business as a solid marketing and a great product. The Electronic Security Association (ESA) recently hosted a roundtable of four US small business security experts. They discussed how small businesses should identify their security needs. Here are some highlights that can help you get started.

Security Tips for Small Business

On the upgrade or the purchase of a new security system

Roger Parks

According to the experts, having the right perspective is critical . Roger Parks, Executive Director of Business Development for Select Security, says small business owners will have to balance expectations and costs.

"A perfect example in this situation is when a business owner says," I want to see the license plate on the cars that drive through my business. "It's awesome – NCIS makes this look really easy on TV, but in the real world it's an expensive undertaking." The question that a business owner should ask is what I really need to see? Do I need to see the color of the car, the location where this car is or the activity of the people in this car? ", he says in a publication of the Electric Security Association.

On the detail of NCIS

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Jamie Vos, general manager of security solutions, says that a $ 50,000 system will capture the details of NCIS, but that a $ 5,000 system will likely meet 90% of expectations small businesses.

The first step is to decide how much you need the technology. For example, you could run a restaurant in a rural location. The make, model and color of a vehicle should be sufficient to identify when there is less chance of being the same around your company.

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Choosing the right technology

Parks also said at the roundtable that the interest of small businesses for CCTV systems is high. In a press release from the Electronic Security Association, he also claims that the smartphone is valuable for making video security accessible and for other important business functions.

"You can watch an archived video, watch live video, adjust your thermostat, arm and disarm your system, see when your system has been turned on or off, and now you can use the smart phone itself as an identifier. to open the door, "says Parks.

Vos adds that control of access to buildings is critical. With the right electronic system, there is no need to re-lock the locks when someone is going away. You just removed them from the database.

These technologies are especially important for small business owners who need to travel. You can see what's going on in your business even when you're not there and back and forth. Make sure any security provider you plan to use includes video and smartphone technology and can show you how they work together.

On the most important advice

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Joe Mitton, director of marketing and communications for Select Security, says asking the right questions draws a straight line to the right security system.

"If I were the owner of a small business, I would ask," What types of security technologies are used by companies like mine? How do they use them? What are the disadvantages and what are the advantages? These three questions can serve as a springboard for small business owners seeking to find the security they have demonstrated. "

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Lucas Ingala, owner of Watchmen Security Services, adds that small business owners should consider buying security as a relationship. Ingala says that educating and getting two or three quotes is important. Make sure you are comfortable with the person and the company you choose should be at the top of the list of small business owners.

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Small businesses can start by doing some research and get some names of security companies in their area.

On carving them down

To refine them is to work on the various systems to determine their accuracy and cost. Follow the tips above and identify your needs. Finally, make sure security companies are listening to you and not just trying to sell you their products. A good provider will design a system around what you tell them you need.

The Electronic Security Association was established in 1948. It is the largest US trade association representing the electronic security and personal security industries.

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