Small businesses in Dallas and Waco, Texas, to see a new AT & T Mobile 5G this year

This is the year when 12 lucky cities in the United States will experience the AT & T (NYSE: T) -based mobile-based 5G mobile, which will make it the world's first operator. country to do it.

AT & T 5G Deployment Cities

The announcement comes two months after AT & T made its first fixed wireless test at the Magnolia Market at Waco Silos. And not surprisingly, Waco is one of 12 cities that will take part in the deployment by the end of 2018. Parts of Atlanta and Dallas as well as Waco will be the first three cities for deployment .

Small businesses, such as Magnolia Market, will greatly benefit from the fast speeds, low latency, and capabilities that require the persistent Internet connection of 5G. Technology will enable homeowners to increase their digital capacity and presence by deploying more services and interactive multimedia content.

Standard 5G

The standard 5G identification aims to distinguish services such as "5G Evolution" from AT & T and others similar to those of other carriers that are not true 5Gs. . New deployments will rely on 3GPP standards and will work on the mmWave spectrum.

[I9759002] Igal Elbaz, senior vice president of Wireless Network Architecture and Design, said in a press release, "After making a significant contribution to the first phase of the 5G standards, conduct multi-city testing and literally transform our network for the future.We plan to be the first operator to provide standards-based 5G mobile services – and to do so much sooner than most people thought. "

Knocking Speed ​​and Advanced Devices

The theoretical peak speeds of 5G are approaching several gigabits per second, and AT & T says it expects to achieve these speeds and the low latency rates that technology offers as the network grows. expands. But to experience these capabilities, new smartphones must enter the market.

The AT & T announcement comes before the availability of consumer 5G devices. The Verge has reported that Qualcomm is working with phone companies and operators to launch 5G devices in 2019. Of course, this does not match the AT & T schedule for testing, so both parties will have to coordinate their launch with more thought.

Image: AT & T