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Smartphone Mining ICO Hit by DDoS Attack

Electroneum, a cryptocurrency start-up that offers an application usable on smartphones to extract digital currency, has been the object of 39: A massive attack after raising 40 million dollars

The UK-based company was hit by a DDoS attack – denial of service distributed – that prevented investors from accessing their accounts. This led the company to be forced to delay the full launch of its mining mobile application.

DDoS Lockdown

The DDoS attack, which has become the preferred form of cyber criminals seeking to disrupt many such high-flying ICOs involve a series of compromised computers aimed at all to gain access to a site.

This botnet, as we know, floods the servers of the site and treats it with too much traffic so that it can manage it. Legitimate traffic is unable to get through, and it becomes much more vulnerable to hacking.

Electroneum has closed its accounts because they claim that there are more than 140,000 people who have won tokens from the OIC. Right now he is trying to dislodge the attack and put his network back online.

Supporting the Bad Horse

Maybe the Electroneum has gone next by punishing everything that is wrong. . Moreso, they had football director Harry Redknapp tweeting about his possibilities.

Redknapp said that he did not know how to work a computer, had never heard of email and had never sent a text message. Perhaps the hackers saw an opportunity to confront an ICO that had succeeded but had its weaknesses in terms of security. Indeed, some users have already asked questions

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"Where is the security?"

A blocked user of his account complained on Facebook: "The question must be asked … why did not they do all these tests before launch?" [19459004

Another said: "With $ 40 million in the bank, you should be able to hire and sort it faster." Exchange registration. "

A statement on the Electroneum website said: "We are really sorry for the lingering delay and we understand your frustration.We are working as hard as it is humanly possible to complete the work and make the whole life live. world so that we can move on to the next (exciting) stage of the Electroneum's evolution. "