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SMX Advanced Summary: Speech by Fabrice Canel de Bing

For the opening session of SMX Advanced, we had a speech by Fabrice Canel de Bing. Here are my notes from this session.

Fabrice begins by emphasizing that research becomes more intelligent. For example, search engines improve on the analysis of feelings. If you want to know if video games are right for you, you will get a set of results, and if you want to know if they are bad for you, you will get a different set of results.

You can also get multi-perspective answers with different opinions. Bing does this in the excerpts presented, as shown here by this example of result:

As Bing prepares for continued growth in vocal interactions, he is becoming more conversational in his approach to research.

For example, if a user requests a very broad query that could have multiple intentions, Bing will ask a clarification question, as you'll see here:

And where it is appropriate, the search becomes more visual.

More and more technologies are being applied to help research become more human, allowing interactions with people to become more natural:

With all this, search engine optimization (SEO) is also evolving. The basics always apply. Make sure you optimize your web pages and pay attention to:

  • Using title tags.
  • Meta-descriptions.
  • Title tags.
  • Writing awesome and descriptive content.
  • Checking the exploration of your site.

Basically, do not forget your SEO 101!

So what's up? There are many new destinations for content (desktop, mobile, voice) and many new ways to distribute and duplicate content. There are new standards such as accelerated mobile pages (AMPs) and much more.

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Search engine optimization must also handle cached content on content delivery networks (CDNs) and content hosted in the cloud. This leads to new challenges with the setting …

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