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Snapchat renames the sponsored stories as Story Story and makes them available through its self-serve ads manager

Snapchat is changing its sponsored stories, now calling the Story Ads ad format and making them available programmatically through its self-service advertising manager.

Previously only available to advertisers as a fixed slot at the top of Snapchat's Discover feed, Story Ads now includes the same targeting and pricing options as Snap Ads, which were available in the free advertising tool. platform service. since last June.

The difference between Snap Ads and Story Ads is that Story ads are exclusive to the Discover feed, allowing advertisers to purchase a Discover vignette of three to 10 Snaps. Anyone viewing a Story ad can scroll up to see more content from the advertiser, such as a product site, a video or an app install.

With the targeting options available in the Ad Manager, advertisers will now be able to create a campaign around their Story ads using more than 500 predefined Snapchat audiences.

Snap has increased its advertising offerings in recent weeks, which led to the announcement of the first quarter 2018 results. Less than a month ago, he launched a new targeting based on location for advertisers and at the beginning of the month he introduced the Shoppable goals. Last week, news revealed that the company was testing non-concomitant six-second ads in order to broadcast them during the content of the shows presented in the "Discover" section of the application.

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