Sono Motors presents the SION solar powered car

The fantasy of having the ability to drive to work in a solar powered car is finally becoming a reality. The Sono engines have simply discovered that the SION solar powered electric car gives you the ability to travel up to 18 miles using only the sun's energy. Best of all, the SION is not just for health, since it costs only 16,000 euros (about $ 18,600) in addition to the cost of the battery, and it's squeezed with components incredible like integrated foam filtration, bidirectional charging and integrated solar panels.

Solar Powered Car Sono Motors Sion

A year ago, Sono Motors, a German start-up company of more than $ 200,000, created the SION. Using 300 photovoltaic panels, the SION can store enough solar energy to allow you to travel up to 18 miles. However, in case you have to travel further, the SION can also be powered by a standard plug, similar to a regular electric car. Depending on the amount you want to spend, you can rent the battery month by month, or buy outright.