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Sony reduces its digital paper tablet to 10 inches

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I had a good time last year with the Sony DPT-RP1, an electronic tablet that is perfect for reading PDF files and other big documents, but One of my main problems was just to know how big was the size. Light and thin but 13 inches in diameter, the tablet was just heavy. Taking into account (I guess) my advice, Sony is releasing a smaller version and I can not wait to try it.

At the time, I was comparing the RP1 with the reMarkable, a crowdfunded rival that offers a fantastic writing ability but that is not without flaws. Watch this great video I made:

The 10-inch DPT-CP1 has some small differences from its big brother. The screen has a slightly lower resolution but should be the same PPI – it's more an original screen cutout than a miniaturization. And it is considerably lighter: 240 grams to the 13-inch 350 version. Considering that the latter has already almost alarmingly felt the light, this one probably has the impression that it will float from your hands and enter orbit.

Even more important are the software changes. There is a new mobile app for iOS and Android that should make it easier to upload and share documents. A new screen sharing mode seems convenient but a little bulky – you have to plug it into a PC and then plug it into a screen. The management of the PDF has been improved to allow you to switch pages, zoom and pan and browse more easily thumbnails. Limited interaction (think checkboxes) is also possible.

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There is nothing that solves my main problem with the RP1 and the reMarkable: that it is a problem for to make something substantial on the peripherals, like to modify or to highlight in a document, and if you do, it is a pain to bring this work into other environments.

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So, for the moment, it seems that the Digital Paper series will remain primarily focused on consuming content rather than creating or modifying it. That's fine – I liked reading stuff on the device, and most of all I just wanted it to be a little smaller. Now that Sony has granted this wish, he can work on the rest.