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Spotlight: Fireball Approves Protection Objectives for Online Shoppers Against Scams

The sharing economy and online sales platforms have created many opportunities for entrepreneurs and consumers alike. But it has also led to new opportunities for crooks. Sometimes spotting a scam can be difficult for an individual. That's where Fireball Approves comes in.

The business owner was a victim almost a scam herself. And the experience has led to wanting to start a business that could provide advice and protection to other buyers. Learn more about the company and its history as part of this week's Small Business Spotlight.

What does the trade

Confirms the identity of advertisers of products to reduce the risk of scams.

The owner Tammy Sorrento told Small Business Trends: "Fireball Approves will confirm the identity of the advertiser of a specific list of interest. We check the following: rental of property (short and long term, houses, apartments, townhouses, condos, timeshares, etc.), purchase of motor vehicles (cars, trucks, recreational vehicles, etc.). boats, motorcycles)

In addition, the company provides real estate accreditation services.

Sorrento says, "We will vouch for the owners and / or rental agents / authorized contacts who pass our robust control, which includes: proof of ownership, positive identification, phone and email."

Niche of business

Providing affordable service.

The company only charges $ 19 to verify an entry, and there are no additional service fees or commissions removed from the lists. In addition, all services are currently free for a limited time.

Sorrento adds: "We refuse to charge our customers a service charge."



How did the company begin

After realizing how easy it is for customers to get scammed.

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Sorrento says: "After a personal experience of ALMOST getting scammed by renting a vacation home online, we decided to fight!"

greatest victory

Get early media coverage.

Sorrenty says that the first interview of the team with WJXT JAX was a major victory at the beginning of the company's life.



How they would spend an additional $ 100,000

Rent an office.

Currently, the company is a lighter operation with two members of the team. Sorrento says that she would like to rent an office space to perform daily activities.

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