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Spotlight: HigherGround wants small businesses to stop worrying about IT

For companies that need IT help, but do not have the resources to hire a full-time professional, a Managed Service Provider can help you. HigherGround Managed Services is one of these service providers. The company provides comprehensive experience and advice to meet the needs of their customers in the Chicago area. Learn more about the company and its offers in this week's Small Business Spotlight.

What does the trade

Provides managed computing solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the Chicago area.

CEO Brian Brammeier told Small Business Trends: "HigherGround is a full-service consulting and IT company that partners with entrepreneurs and small and medium-sized business leaders in the Chicago area to Make sure to spend more time on their core business and less time worrying about their IT infrastructure. HigherGround provides managed computing services (MSP), managed security (MSSP), IT staff including CIOs and split CTOs, consulting and application management, and disconnects / reconnects businesses for removals and logistics . "

Niche of the case

Helping businesses reach their potential through the computer.

"HigherGround supports companies that are developing rapid utilization technology to fuel their growth, as well as companies struggling with growth and advanced technology – a limiting factor."

How did the company begin

Because of a love of tinkering with computers.

Brammeier began taking computers away decades ago, then realized that he had to learn to put them back together. After honing his skills, he realized that he could actually charge for his services. Originally, he founded Brammeier Computer Services in the late '90s, out of his room, in his parents' house, and then in his dorm. In 2015, he made the jump to the company's current office and changed the name to HigherGround.

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greatest victory

Creating a successful hiring plan.

Brammeier says, "This has provided customers with a consistent and above all service and beyond those that fit our culture."

Greater Risk

Separate from a key team member who did not suit him.

Brammeier explains: "This posed a risk since, separating HigherGround from this key member of the team, meant restarting most of the technical team." It was a step back from doing two steps forward and, if it went wrong, HigherGround would have disrupted and dissatisfied customers.With careful planning and staffing superior to change, HigherGround was able to exchange a key position while keeping the staffing issues mainly "behind the curtain" with respect to clients. "

Lesson learned

Communication is the key.

Brammeier says, "Every week, HigherGround organizes a business meeting to discuss ongoing projects, new customers, changes, and updates. HigherGround is even fine-tuning this process to share more real-time information from weekly management meetings directly in all the company meetings so that team members do not have to worry about it. do not have to guess what is the direction of the company. "

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How would they spend an additional $ 100,000

Grow the team or build automation.

Favorite team lunch

Buffalo chicken pizza.

Brammeier says, "The HigherGround team loves Buffalo chicken pizzas – all there are tender spicy chicken dishes, blue cheese dressing and mozzarella cheese. It's a good one. "

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Photos: HigherGround, Brian Brammeier
Group photo: From left to right: Jemyio, Anthony, Richard, Frank, Ben, Craig, Earl, Sok, Mudassir, Gabby and Jerry members of the team

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