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Spotlight: Major-Morris Law Helps Companies Protect Intellectual Property

Companies that have the intellectual property must prioritize the protection of these elements. Having a lawyer who specializes in trademark and copyright issues can be a major benefit. Kimra Major-Morris, Esq. is the lawyer behind Major-Morris Law, LLC, a law firm that works with companies on these issues. Learn more about Major-Morris and his company at this week's Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do

Provides legal services to intellectual property owners.

Major-Morris states, "I sell legal services in intellectual property and help trademark owners to protect and enforce their copyright, trademarks and trade secrets."

Business niche

Sincerely disturbing customers.

Major-Morris says, "I offer a flat fee and I do not look at the time when I connect with clients during the consultations. I make sure to connect well and understand the needs of customers. "

How did the company begin

After launching his own creative projects.

Major-Morris explains, "I was a hip-hop artist during my studies and I later owned a video production company. I knew the value of creative rights through my experiences and I chose areas of practice that fascinated me. "

Highest Victory:

Represents a very prominent foundation.

Major-Morris says, "I have represented the Trayvon Martin Foundation's interests in intellectual property since its inception and for several years thereafter. It came when Atty. Natalie Jackson recalled that I was a video editor and invited me to bring my video equipment to her office to listen to the infamous 911 tapes. In doing so, I was introduced to the parents of Trayvon and I guided the decision to create the Foundation, to register trademarks for the Foundation, to register the hoodie image and to negotiate countless licenses on behalf of the foundation. The experience was invaluable. "

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The greatest risk

Nestled downstairs.

Major-Morris says, "The biggest risk that my company has ever taken was to reduce the areas of practice from general practice to IP, entertainment and business. I could have had so little business that I had to close my doors, but a more focused practice has led to more business. "

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How would they spend an additional $ 100,000

Areas of varied growth.

Major-Morris explains, "I would use $ 100,000 more for the purchase of office space, marketing, business trips and support staff."

Major milestone

Deposit of his own trademarks.

Major-Morris states, "I am always excited about the ideas that customers bring me and have recently filed my own trademark applications that emphasize the recognition of the brand by my name. I could not believe how exciting it was to have my own rankings! The irony is that I hated my first name as a child, mainly because it was still badly pronounced. I never thought that the day would come when I liked it, let alone advertised or encouraged others to use it for commercial purposes! Life is a fun thing. "

Personal currency

If you choreograph your landing, it's not a leap of faith.

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