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Spotlight: Res Ipsa sells products inspired by the love of travel

Travel is a hobby that brings happiness to many people. And the products inspired by the trip can give a little happiness to these people even if they are not far from home. Res Ipsa is a company that was created by two entrepreneurs who wanted to add some happiness to the world with these travel-inspired products.

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What does the company do

Sells unique handmade accessories.

Co-founder Joshua Moore told Small Business Trends, "At Res Ipsa, we sell high-end handmade travel items, mainly shoes and accessories such as weekenders, wallets, belts, etc."

Business niche

Sell products inspired by travel.

Moore says, "We are known for our kilim products because our brand is the journey. Inspired by our travels to major cities around the world, Res Ipsa is the destination for high-end handmade leisure products. We are proud to find the most interesting materials for durable, comfortable and stylish products. "

How did the company begin

When two lawyers sought to change careers.

Moore explains, "Res Ipsa was founded in 2013 by two lawyers who concluded that the world needed fewer lawyers but more happiness.We started making ties, but we have very early made shoes. "

Largest Victory

Constant improvement.

Moore says, "We try to keep in perspective that we are building something out of nothing, so every time something good happens, we celebrate every victory. We stomp when we sell something online. We celebrate when we reach the follower stages on Instagram. Then we set the bar a little higher for next time. We are a travel brand, so we like travel metaphors: travel is the destination. "

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The greatest risk

Leave their employment as a lawyer.

Moore says, "We started the business in January 2014. After about 18 months, we had more than we could handle in the morning, evening and weekend. We decided that if we wanted to succeed, we had to make the big jump to do it full time. Financial ruin was in our minds, but we felt strongly that it was the right thing to do. With hindsight, we have no regrets. Our business has grown and taking the risk has taught us to stay open to what life is like. "

How would they spend an additional $ 100,000

Creating retail experiences.

Mr. Moore explains, "With an additional $ 100,000, we are planning multi-brand retail pop-ups in the short term. Experiential retail is the way traditional brick and mortar will compete online. We want to create spaces that feature music, art, as well as cool brands with stories that we connect with. "

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How did the company get its name

From a famous court case.

Moore says, "The name Res Ipsa comes from the Latin expression res ipsa loquitur," the thing speaks for itself. The res ipsa doctrine is a legal doctrine used for the first time in the Byrne v Boadle case (1863), and applies to obvious facts. In this case, a cask fell from a window injuring a pedestrian. The barrel in our logo is a subtle nod to this old English case, and to our legal careers. "

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Favorite Quotes

"I have not been everywhere, but it's on my list." ~ Susan Sontag

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Images: Res Ipsa – Joshua Moore, co-founder; Odini Gogo, co-founder