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Spotlight: The Urban Bricks Pizza Stands Out in a Crowded Market

The pizza market is already pretty saturated. But that does not mean that there are no new opportunities in the industry. Companies like Urban Bricks Pizza are still finding new ways to differentiate their offerings.

You can read more about Urban Bricks Pizza and how the company stands out in this week's Small Business Spotlight.

What does the company do

Offers artisan pizzas and self-built salads.

Sammy Aldeeb, founder and CEO of Urban Bricks Pizza, told Small Business Trends, "We are known for our true authentic Neapolitan pizza, to build oneself, with an entirely American attitude. We are the only self-built pizza concept that offers delivery, bar and driving service options for its pizza dough-loving customers. "

Business niche

Offering a wide variety of quality options.

Aldeeb says, "Every pizza starts with fresh, never-frozen homemade dough each morning that was designed by world pizza champion Michele Amelio. We also offer gluten-free and wheat options. Customers can choose from over 30 ingredients that are prepared each morning to complement their pizza. We use flour and tomatoes imported from Italy. The pizzas are cooked to perfection in our superb lime green ovens in just two minutes. Guests also have the option to choose from their own premium Italian salads, wings and ice cream. "

How did the company begin

After buying other franchise companies.

Aldeeb explains, "I emigrated to the United States from Dubai in 1998. At the time, I did not know the American company culture and I did not have any university degree, so I jumped into franchising and invested my savings This place worked so well that after six months, I bought a Subway franchise in the same mall and in 10 years, my portfolio has grown to more than 20 franchises between Marble Slab, Subway and Great American Cookies.

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I then decided to explore the fast and casual pizza industry because I heard about the consistency and profitability of it. I did research on franchise concepts in the space, but I could not find a concept that resonated with me, so I created my own brand. I launched Urban Bricks Pizza in San Antonio in 2015. It was so successful that within two months of opening, I decided to sell my other 20 licenses to Urban Bricks Pizza at full capacity. time. I sold the first franchise within six months of opening my first establishment.

At present, 12 sites are open in Texas and Ontario, Canada, six are under construction and 25 have been signed. There are 117 stores engaged under master franchise agreements. "

Largest Victory

Creating a profitable business opportunity for franchisees.

Aldeeb says, "It's great to visit stores in different parts of the country while it was an idea on paper less than three years ago! Being able to make Urban Bricks an unforgettable first summer job for many young men and women is also a big win in my book! "

The greatest risk

Enter a crowded market.

Aldeeb says, "Starting a business in the fast-casual pizza-packed industry was certainly a big risk. We had to make sure that Urban Bricks Pizza was different and stood out from the competition. Because I was a multi-unit franchisee myself, I understand what it's like to be on that side. I've worked to make sure we were different not only from the customer's point of view, but also from the franchisee. We are the only fast-paced pizza concept with delivery options, driving service and full bar, and the only one to offer master franchise agreements for new markets. "

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<h3> How would they spend an additional $ 100,000 </h3>
<p> Marketing. </p>
<p> Aldeeb says, "Market our brand, let the public know that they can still get a great product for a very reasonable price". </p>
<h3> Words of Wisdom </h3>
<p> Aldeeb says, "They often ask me how you get a restaurant to succeed – it's simple: great place, EXCELLENT product, good customer service and a fair price." </p>
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