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Square acquires the Zesty business restoration startup

Square acquired elements of the Zesty enterprise restoration startup . Square, who already owns a Caviar Demand Food Delivery service, plans to use Zesty's assets to strengthen Caviar's business, Caviar for Teams


Neither company has disclosed the financial terms of the agreement, but it is expected that Caviar and Zesty will operate independently in the short term.

"Restaurants are turning to Caviar to reach more customers and expand their business," said Gokul Rajaram, head of Caviar Square, in a press release. "The expansion of our business catering product with Zesty allows us to offer our partners another way to boost sales through larger, higher-margin restore orders", said Gokul Rajaram, Caviar Lead at Square. "The caviar is flourishing, and we are delighted to overload its success with Zesty and double on an area with a great opportunity to generate more growth for our company."

Since the acquisition of Caviar in 2014, Square has acquired OrderAhead's pick-up activities to launch Caviar Pickup and On-Trays Entrees in order to expand its presence in the Dallas-Fort Worth area , in Texas.

Zesty is currently partnering with about 150 restaurants in San Francisco, which is the only one where it operates. Snap, Splunk and TechCrunch are among Zesty's customers. Zesty, which was launched for the first time in 2013 under another name, had previously raised $ 20.7 million in risk financing.

"The addition of Zesty's offerings, such as sophisticated menu planning tools and algorithms, catering services and nutritional and allergenic customization, will help us expand our catering offering and better serve businesses of all sizes." sizes. " on average. "Plus, it offers our restaurant partners more opportunities to reach new business customers."

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