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Square acquires Weebly by creating an all-in-one service for small e-commerce businesses

Some acquisitions let you scratch your head, but the announcement of Square (NYSE: SQ) buys Weebly for $ 365 million just begs the question, why did not it happen anymore early?

Square buys Weebly

When the agreement will be finalized, in the second quarter of 2018, it will bring together two companies that seem to belong together. Square continues to diversify from its core business of payment software and hardware. And with Weebly, the payment company thinks they have access to one of the leading builders of DIY web sites in the world. When Weebly and Square are fully integrated, it will be much easier for small businesses to deploy their e-commerce platform as an all-in-one solution.

The merger will give small businesses an integrated range of services. In a recent press release, Square continues to predict that Weebly sellers will have "a consistent solution to start or grow an omni-channel business." With more than 100 third-party application integrations, Square has been able to bring POS, desktop systems, accounting, recruiting and many other services into its ecosystem for small businesses.

The integration

One of the challenges that small businesses face when launching an ecommerce site is the large number of different standalone products on the market. Getting applications, materials and platforms to work together is difficult for someone who does not have the expertise to do it.

If all goes as planned, the integration of Square and Weebly will make things easier for a growing number of small business owners seeking a unique solution for their e-commerce.

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Square wants the omnichannel experience of an in-person, online and in-app interaction between the buyer and the seller be easier. The company added that it wants sellers to reach buyers, no matter what channel they use when discovering, buying and even returning and trading. With an integrated suite of services, businesses can interact with customers, manage orders, increase sales, and make informed business decisions more easily.

Alyssa Henry, Sales Manager at Square, has been looking at what the integration will bring in the release because the company is focusing on omnichannel trading. Henry says, "From managing orders, appointments and payments to creating a website, running a business is complex and entrepreneurs around the world want powerful and intuitive tools . Whether they are artists, winemakers or hairdressers, the Square and Weebly sellers will have a consistent solution to grow their business.

In an official article on Weebly's blog, founder David Rusenko explained that Square's purchase is the result of a long-standing partnership between the two companies. In the meantime, no major changes are expected for Weebly's customers.

In the post, Rusenko wrote, "Together we will help you create professional websites and powerful business experiences – whether online or in real life." This initiative reinforces our original mission: to help Entrepreneurs of the World to Succeed Like Square + Weebly, we will be able to help you more powerfully than ever. "

Image: Weebly