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Start-ups of promising companies in New York

New York City has an incredible density of young start-up companies focused on the future. Although the winners are well known and known, we thought it was time to put a little emphasis on younger companies, the ones you may not have heard of yet, but are likely to become so in the years to come.

TechCrunch asked dozens of founders, venture capitalists and other community members what companies – other than those to which they are directly connected – that they thought most likely to change the world of business in the years to come. From a list of 64 nominated startups, we chose twelve that we thought best exemplified New York's potential. All data on venture capital funds comes from Crunchbase. Also be sure to check out our detailed profiles of NS1, Datadog, BigID, Packet and Timescale, as well as Security Scorecard, Uplevel and HYPR, which were not included in this list.

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