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Starting a Freelance Shuttle May Mobility is a partner of automotive supplier Magna

Magna, one of the largest suppliers to the world's leading automotive industry, has partnered with the Michigan-based May Mobility start-up to the construction and deployment of autonomous shuttles. The plan is to expand May Mobility's fleet of autonomous shuttles across the United States. The initial fleet will begin for passengers on June 26 in Detroit, Michigan.

What Magna brings to the table, is the refitting of the micro transit electric cars. So, while May Mobility is responsible for designing autonomous shuttles, Magna will be responsible for the assembly. This assembly will result in a complete rebuild with custom doors, a panoramic sunroof, sensor integration and conversion to a state ready for autonomy. On top of that, May Mobility will add its stack of autonomous driving technology.

"Magna shares our high technical standards and enthusiasm for meeting the growing demand for autonomous vehicles to meet today's transportation needs, while laying the groundwork for the future," said Steve Vozar , founder of May Mobility. in a report. "This agreement demonstrates our commitment to expanding and accelerating our operations with a partner who understands the quality and reliability of the construction process, and who can match the demanding process that makes us a trusted community partner."

Earlier this year, May Mobility raised $ 11.5 million in seed funding for BMW iVentures, Toyota AI and others. Next year, May Mobility plans to offer on-demand services to customers. In March, Magna partnered with Lyft to build an autonomous car platform. Magna has also invested $ 200 million in Lyft in exchange for a stake in the capital.