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Starting Blockchain to bring a casino platform that you do not need to trust

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The game has been part of human history since the very beginning and his reputation has never really improved. The arrival of Blockchain technology could really make a difference. SP8DE, a new blockchain-based game project, aims to provide a platform capable of providing an impartial public chance for the development and execution of casino applications.

More Trust Problems

SP8DE is built on Ouroboros, the underlying POS protocol to Cardano Blockchain. The company intends to overcome the hurdles that strike the game industry, even in the decentralized world.

First, each block must be mined, which can lead to delays in settlement of values. to keep their players happy in the highly competitive industry. Settlement fees for Blockchains can also climb quite high, scaring novice gamblers with little risk.

When it comes to big money, you do not have to trust anyone and that is exactly the weird spirit of SP8DEdent. Trust us, but trust the code as they point out through their white paper.

For anyone with a great idea, the company wants to provide a platform where to develop a borderless gaming application, zero for transaction fees, and generating obviously fair random numbers.

Las Vegas 3.0

According to the company's white paper, the SP8DE protocol is transparent, self-contained, and easy to understand. Their scripting language is the heart of the platform emphasizing the importance of simplicity and flexibility. All applications that developers will bring SP8DE to life will be based on smart contracts using SPX, the native cryptocurrency of the platform. Each result of each part on the Blockchain will be conditioned by the achievements of the coin jet mechanism that powers the Ouroboros protocol.

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Sensitive to the game itself, SP8DE decided to bring the same fun to its symbolic sale. All those who decide to play on SP8DE and purchase SPX coins during their sales phases will be part of their Jackpot game where additional chips will be randomly distributed among the contributors. Just like in a casino, but here everyone wins. However, those who join the sale earlier and buy more coins will have a better chance of taking home and earning a larger share.

A fair game for everyone

took off since the dawn of the Internet, in the early 1990s. It's already an industry that is worth billions dollars, but projected growth can even reach a tln of dollars by 2021.

Not surprisingly, the crypto-economy has quickly sucked the gambling industry, even though it still exists fashionable option rather than the only one. Without a doubt, the anonymity of its users – "no need for documentation or even an account" – is one of its most attractive features for gamers. Transparency is also an important aspect, but what makes the difference is that it really opens the door for people to use the cryptocurrency loophole where gambling regulation does not occur. applies only to fiduciary money.

a good reputation, they could be in Las Vegas or the digital world, but SP8DE could make the game a little more fair using Blockchain technology to its full potential.

The SP8DE ICO started on January 8th, March 8th.

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