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Starting Shoppable, Cinematique has a new CEO and $ 1.4 million in new funds

Cinematique has a new CEO – investor and entrepreneur Paul Dawalibi.

The startup describes its product as the activation of the "touch video". In other words, when you watch a movie, you can tap or click on different items to save and learn more later, and in some cases buy the featured product.

Dawalibi (whose long resume includes a VC internship in Guy Kawasaki's Canadian affiliate of Garage Technology Ventures) says that he was first introduced to Cinematique as a potential investor.

"My first reaction was," God, it's so obvious, "he said." All the videos will be touchable and marketable. I just think that there will be no logical reason not to allow this on any branded video online. "

However, Dawalibi said that the company's investors asked him to do more than write a check – they wanted him to take over the general direction. The goal, he said, is to "turn that into the next billion dollar case, to put everything on steroids."

"We will redouble our efforts on existing companies, where we are positioning ourselves, but also on new markets and all kinds of new partners," he said. "We will bring this to the masses in a more important way."

For example, Cinematic says that she will explore expansion in industries such as education, automotive, travel, lifestyle and home. To fuel these plans, the startup also raised $ 1.4 million in additional funds to purchase the Pumori Group, bringing its total funding to more than $ 6.8 million.

"I am not the biggest supporter or advocate of collecting zillions of dollars as quickly as possible," said Dawalibi. Instead, he would like to see Cinematique hit some "key targets" before going out to make a bigger round in 12 to 18 months.

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Co-founder Kyle Heller will continue his role as head of strategy. Dawalibi described his relationship with Heller as "very symbiotic," while Heller heads the product team in Los Angeles while Dawalibi develops sales and marketing efforts in New York.

"Paul's commitment to our values ​​and his compelling strategic vision for the company is exactly what Cinematique needs to get into our next chapter," Heller said in his release. "I look forward to working with him and the rest of our team in my ongoing role as Chief Strategy Officer."