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Station combines all your messy Web applications in one application

Meet Station, a startup created by the startup studio eFounders. Station worked on the only work app you need. It combines all the services you need in one window and handles notifications and documents better than a normal browser.

If you do not spend your life in Word, Excel, PowerPoint or Outlook, it is likely that you spend most of your days in a web browser, navigating between countless tabs. When you use five different Google Spreadsheets, two Trello dashboards and a handful of other services, it becomes harder to find what you are looking for.

With Station, you can more easily find the document you are looking for. Station is a Mac and Windows application. You must then add all your accounts one by one. Station supports dozens of services, but the most popular ones are Gmail, Google Drive, Slack and Trello.

"We have 300 integrations of applications.We have a good user base with 2,500 people using Station at least 4 days a week", said the co-founder and director Alexandre Lacheze.

  1. Station App – Application Store

  2. Station App – Instant Search

  3. Station App – Notification Center

  4. Station App – Smart Dock

  5. Station App – Smart Dock2

Each service has its own icon in the bar on the left. You can switch from one service to another as if you were switching from one account to another in Slack. This metaphor for the application works pretty well for document-based applications, such as Google Drive. When you click on the icon, Station shows you your most recent documents and you do not get lost between several tabs.

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By centralizing everything in an application, Station adds some interesting features. For example, a universal search bar allows you to search for content in all your applications. Think of it as a kind of Spotlight for web applications.

Notifications also have their own tab. You can scan recent emails, Trello notifications and Slack messages in the same interface. And there is also a focus mode that allows you to disable notifications for 15 minutes or an hour.

"We found high retention rates among marketing and sales teams," said co-founder and CEO Julien Berthomier. "It works well for operational, support and marketing profiles, and the average marketing person will use more than 20 different applications."

While Station is free at the moment, the startup is working on a paid offer for the teams. Companies will be able to subscribe to Station to create preconfigured profiles. If a company recruits new people in marketing, the marketing team will be able to share a station model so that new employees have everything they need from day one.

Station is also a good way to get ideas on who uses what. For example, if a company pays for a service but no one uses it, it is likely that you can cancel your business subscription. Let's see if that will be enough to make companies pay for Station.

Featured image: Vasily Pindyurin / Getty Images