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Storiqa uses Blockchain to allow small producers to access world markets

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Storiqa, a global company, has developed a blockchain-based store builder that allows anyone to create an online store with a variety of tools to promote products on the market. global market. The platform helps launch new brands and also supports e-commerce initiatives for existing offline retailers.

By integrating cryptocurrency payments into the platform, Storiqa will offer merchants the acceptance of cryptocurrency payment, including STQ's own platform tokens. The platform also provides an ecommerce interface, 24-hour customer support, and product presentation and localization support.

The use of cryptocurrency allows companies to sell products on the global market with transaction fees and minimal transaction security without having to work with intermediaries or bureaucratic entities.

Storiqa will create an integrated exchange where sellers will have access to services for article descriptions, videos and photos at a fixed price. Payment for these services will be made with STQ tokens.

The STQ token offers versatility

Buyers may purchase products using STQ tokens or using their credit card or payment service. The Storiqa platform will automatically purchase STQ tokens with funds.

The demand for STQ tokens will be correlated with the growth of the platform. All Storiqa services are paid in STQ. Among them are marketing services, the localization of goods from the content department and the media. The higher the activity on the platform, the greater the profits for all members.

Smart Contract checks transactions

The platform's intelligent contract guarantees that STQ funds are stored in the seller's account once the product reaches its destination.

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The smart contract also tracks every step of the transaction and ensures that notices about products and services come from people who actually bought the product.

A customer will be able to receive a refund at his discretion within 30 days of purchase. The refund will be made in the currency used at the time of purchase.

Support Services Available

For vendors, Storiqa provides all the necessary expansion services, including marketing, sales, and computer science. The cost of this support is based on the amount of orders. By paying the annual membership fee of 18,000,000 STQ, the seller earns the capacity of an online store with 4468,000 annual operating expenses.

The integrated telephony platform allows merchants to receive customer feedback calls in two clicks. Such support improves customer service.

Storiqa will provide an in-store pricing service based on factors such as speed of delivery and customer reviews. The platform will also offer a tool to create customer loyalty programs and access to bloggers that sellers can send products for promotional purposes.

Token holders will have access to statistics with real-time measurements, including purchases, visitor numbers, average receipts, and so on.

An affiliate marketing platform will reward affiliate marketers for all the orders they provide. A blockchain-based referral link monitors each order sent via the referral link.

ICO planned

The Storiqa ICO will take place from November 28 to December 28 or when the $ 25 million threshold will be reached. The soft cap is $ 5 million. The symbolic price of the OIC will be $ 0.003. Investors will purchase STQ Tokens by performing an ETH transaction at the Storiqa smart contract address.

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Transactions must be made from ERC20 compatible portfolios. The distribution of STQ will be carried out by a smart contract. The funds will be used to launch the platform, integrate the token and commercialize the platform.