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Suddenly, Cheeky Bitcoin peaks at $ 6,000, Ditching analysts' bear market

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Bitcoin is expected to touch $ 6,000 on major markets on Thursday, a daily rise of seven percent this week's bear market

Bitcointicker data show that WEX delivers a maximum of $ 6,004 at the time of publication, with Bitstamp reaching a high of $ 5,988

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<p dir= The movement marks a new push for Bitcoin which, 24 hours ago , languishing at recent lows close to $ 5,000.

Despite the disruption by Bitcoin Gold and the expected uncertainty of SegWit2x, enthusiasm has returned to the trading markets, with even mainstream sources predicting highs of e all times will arrive in November.

Nevertheless, the rally seemed to take a lot of surprise, with commentators waiting for an extenative correction of deductions after the Bitcoin price spent $ 6,000 for the first time last Friday.

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In the longer run, however, supporters dig to defend the virtual currency against d & # 39; other related charges Pyramid schemes or bubble-like behavior.

"By the mid-1800s, the world's streetlights were lit with whale oil, and then John Rockefeller simplified the process of refining crude oil," CNBC defender John Kelly wrote on Tuesday. in the Forbes Journal

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"The whalers who did not recognize the change had gone in search of ancient riches, while Rockefeller went on to create Standard Oil … Bitcoin, the currency, is the incentive for all of us to become John Rockefeller. "