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(SURVEY) Have you ever abandoned a business blog?

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If there is a chance that you answer "No" to this question, you are in a very small minority.

These data are a little old but it is unlikely that they have changed much. According to a New York Times report, 95% of all blogs created have been abandoned. Among millions of blogs, even 5% is a healthy number to stay active, but what is an abandoned blog telling about your business?

In this week's survey question, we want to know whether or not you have dropped a blog associated with your small business.

You have probably started with all the energy and commitment you bring to other aspects of your business. Maybe you had even the dedication to publish every day for the first two weeks or months when he was active, but something else came into play and soon – virtual tumbleweed were blowing on the air. ;screen.

Have you thought about the impression that a customer or site visitor might get dropped on this site (assuming it's still online)? What is an abandoned website telling customers or potential partners about your brand? Will an inactive blog inspire customers to do business with you, partners to contact you for joint ventures or investors to consider giving you money?

Take a moment to answer the question below and tell us more about your abandoned blogs in the comments below.

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