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Swrve adds support for OTT TV applications

Despite its name, Swrve has not retreated into its evolution since its origins as a marketing and engagement platform for applications.

Instead, he took a series of steps toward his positioning as a platform for customer interaction. In 2014, for example, he added support for iBeacons, which are typically associated with applications. Later that year, Swrve declared itself an open platform that would be nice to others, and now offers functional integrations with nearly three dozen platforms like Salesforce and Marketo.

And, earlier this year, he announced that his full integration with Oracle's Eloqua campaign tool added integrated analytics, testing, targeting and messaging tools to this application.

This week, Swrve, based in San Francisco, is expanding his field of action again by announcing that he will now take over the analysis, testing, marketing and marketing. commitment for multiple OTT TV platforms (Apple TV, Roku, Android). TV, Amazon Fire TV and Chromecast.

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Barry Levine covers marketing technology for Third Door Media. Previously, he covered this space as a senior writer for VentureBeat, and he has written on these topics and other technologies for publications such as CMSWire and NewsFactor. He founded and directed the website / unit at PBS Thirteen / WNET; worked as a senior online producer / screenwriter for Viacom; created a successful interactive game, PLAY IT BY EAR: the first CD game; founded and directed an independent cinema showcase, CENTER SCREEN, based at Harvard and M.I.T .; and served more than five years as a consultant to the M.I.T. Media Lab. You can find it on LinkedIn, and on Twitter at xBarryLevine.

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