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Table gets an AI in the arm with the acquisition of Empirical Systems

When Tableau was founded in 2003, few people thought of artificial intelligence to lead the analysis and visualization, but over the years, the world has changed and the company has recognized that she needed talent to follow new trends. Today, he announced that he was acquiring Empirical Systems, a start-up startup with AI roots.

Tableau did not share the terms of the agreement.

The startup was born just two years ago from automated statistics research at the MIT Probabilistic Computing Project. According to the company's website, "Empirical is an analytics engine that automatically models structured tabular data (such as spreadsheets, tables, or CSV files) and allows you to request these templates to find statistics. "

The product was still in private beta when Tableau bought the company. It is currently delivered as an integrated engine in other applications. This sounds like something that could well enter the Tableau Analysis platform. In addition, he will bring the engineering team to some AI knowledge, while taking advantage of this advanced technology.

François Ajenstat, Product Manager at Tableau, says that this ability to automate results could allow more people within a company to analyze and analyze trends . "The automatic generation of information will allow people without specialized data science skills to easily spot trends in their data, identify areas of exploration, test different hypotheses and simulate situations." hypothetical, "he said in a statement.

Richard Tibbetts, CEO of Empirical Systems, says that both companies share this vision of democratization of data analysis. "We have developed Empirical to make complex data modeling and sophisticated statistical analysis more accessible, so that anyone who tries to understand their data can make informed, data-driven decisions based on solid analysis, independently of his technical expertise.

Instead of moving the team to Seattle where Tableau has its headquarters, she intends to leave the Empirical Systems team in place and establish a office in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

Empirical was founded in 2016 and raised $ 2.5 million.