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Taiwanese police attacking the country's first bitcoin flight

Four men were arrested in Taiwan following a theft of bitcoins.

Police were called into the street of Taichung City by neighbors who reported a dispute. They found bloodstains on the scene, and it was discovered that a cryptocurrency trader named Tai had been attracted to men claiming to want to buy Bitcoin and attacked him.

Police report that, after Tai showed proof of his Bitcoin with his mobile phone, he would have been assaulted, the attackers having managed to transfer 18 bitcoins worth $ 188,000 from him. ;apparatus. An attempt was then made to pass the attack like a row of drunkards by forcing the victim to drink Kaoliang, a strong liquor.

One man was arrested at the scene, and another on the island of Kinmen, where he had tried to escape detection. The other two defendants were captured by the police after the incident, the fourth man being considered the brains of the attack. No information was provided as to whether the funds were returned to their owner.

The event marks the first occurrence of cryptocurrency in Taiwan, however, a similar event occurred earlier this year in the United Kingdom. Two cryptocurrency traders were stolen under the threat of a weapon in their home in Oxfordshire, with the assailants taking the couple’s baby. Direct theft is not the only method used by criminals to steal cryptocurrency. At the end of last year, news revealed that a Ukrainian EXMO exchange leader had been kidnapped, while criminals were demanding a Bitcoin ransom of a million dollars.

Crime-related crime seems to be on the rise as technology users face a growing target as a result of the recent price boom. This is a very disturbing development, and cryptocurrency users who wish to trade with strangers are warned to be vigilant and operate in public spaces to minimize the risk of theft. While the many online cryptocurrency exchange hacks and burglaries (such as the $ 530 million) have taught traders to pay attention to their funds, police warn of new risks of direct theft .

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