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TechStars alumni will now benefit from a discount on the WeWork space

WeWork and TechStars are in the mix, the organizations announced today.

TechStars, the global accelerator program responsible for companies such as ClassPass, Sphero and Digital Ocean, will bring its program to the WeWork community by directing its program on WeWork's sites in Toronto, Boston, Kansas City and New York.

As part of this agreement, TechStars alumni will now benefit from a discount on the WeWork workspace.

Techstars portfolio companies often stay in the accelerator space after the program, "said Jenny Lawton, COO of TechStars. "Some companies only move for the duration of the program and immediately return to their home cities to continue to build and grow their businesses. Now we can constantly offer space to our founders in a WeWork space that suits them best. "

This will allow TechStars alums to access an even larger community of entrepreneurs and startups via WeWork's 150K digital members and people sharing the space of their WeWork site. As members, they will also have access to 170+ WeWork sites in 56 cities and 17 countries.

This happens less than a week after WeWork announced the acquisition of Flatiron School.

"For TechStars founders or companies eager to learn coding or needing coders to help them with their product, there is no better connection to be made than between students and the company. Flatiron community and the job market that need their skills. "said CFW WeWork Artie Minson." The Flatiron School will be a production line of high quality engineers ready to embark on n & # 39; Any key product or engineering position as soon as they come off the line. "

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WeWork clearly wants to be the "platform" of the entrepreneurial community, providing a connective tissue on which businesses, founders, students, VCs, and others conduct their business.

"WeWork sees our spaces as conduits through which we can offer our members a creative and collaborative community proramming that touches every aspect of the lives of our members … training, development, culture, art, music", said Minson. "Not to mention other points of contact outside our immediate community like our Airbnb partnership, the Creator Awards, Rise by We (our wellness offer), the WeLive mail room, etc …"

TechStars students can contact their local WeWork for more details on work space discounts.

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