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Teenpreneurs, mastering the art of Instagram with these simple tips

Teenagers today have grown up with social media and mobile apps. So, commercial tools like Instagram seem to come naturally to them. For this new generation of entrepreneurs, Instagram proves invaluable. And even business owners who have passed their teens could potentially learn a thing or two from these young people.

Zandra Azariah Cunningham, founder of Zandra Beauty, a beauty company that makes products to empower girls, is a young business owner who makes a name for herself on Instagram. Zandra's business trip began when the teenage dad obsessed with makeup would not buy her any more lip balm and suggested that she instead make her own. She ran with the idea and has since grown into a full-blown makeup and skin care brand.

Instagram tips for teenagers

Zandra recently shared some ideas on his business trip and tips for other business owners looking to leverage the power of Instagram in an e interview. -mail with Small Business Trends. Here are some tips.

Show your daily life

One of the best things about Instagram is the ability to form authentic links with others on the platform. To do this, you need to be ready to share real moments of your everyday life and pictures taken behind the scenes of your company's operations. This can help potential customers get to know you as they would with friends or people using the platform. It can also simply help you start conversations with other users.

Cunningham says, "I used instagram to show people what my life looks like in order to be able to connect with my audience." Specifically for other young people who wanted to start a business, C & # 39; is great for them to see that it's me who do the work.When consumers see and feel the real people behind the brand, they pay more attention and want to know more.I did not know much about the curation of food and I made it pretty, to this day I use Instagram to share my story and my mission in a simple and simple way. "

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Stick with her

Instagram is also free to use and has over 800 million active users. This gives businesses the opportunity to reach tons of potential customers. However, this can sometimes take a little time and commitment. Cunningham simply wants entrepreneurs to know that the investment is worth it.

She says, "I always advise other young moguls to take advantage of the great platform and reach of Instagram. At first it is difficult to make that initial impact on the market without spending a ton of money. Instagram is a free tool that supports small businesses looking to reach other small businesses and customers. Stay engaged, and I promise you will see that your consumers will follow and want to support you and your mission. "

Believe in your abilities

For young people who think they do not have enough knowledge or experience to start a business, Cunningham also wants his story to serve as proof that running a successful business in adolescence is possible. In fact, entrepreneurs of any age can struggle with this belief. But with access to tools like Instagram and success stories like Cunningham's, you can pass those doubts and make it work.

She adds, "I want people to know that true success is possible for children like me. If I can build an empire as a child, they can. It all started with lip balm and now I've built a brand that includes a non-profit that supports girls and women globally, a young school of mogul and business preparation. there is more on the horizon. Without Instagram, it would have been much more difficult to evolve my brand in the good company that we are today. I am proud of that. "

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