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Testing The Reliability Of A Roof Contractor


With several people trying to earn a living by working in a different field, the number of incompetent workers, which includes roof contractors, has increased just as the number of competent ones. How do you now differentiate between the two of them? Consider trying the methods outlined below.

License Verification

The very first thing you need to confirm about a contractor is not the serious look on his face, his dressing, or how he can fluently speak about roofs because anyone can get that knowledge from the internet.

You can even learn some tricks by watching videos on YouTube. Nevertheless, not everyone can quickly present a license to prove he is indeed a certified contractor.

If you ask him about his license and he is taking too long to give you a response, then you might want to consider choosing someone else to do the job for you because most of those contractors you see without a license are called storm chasers.

They don’t have a permanent dwelling place. They literarily move from place to place seeking a favorable ground to make money for services they are not planning to render. When they eventually decide to get things done for you, you can be certain you would need another contractor to fix the roof for double the amount you have spent because they will end up making the condition of the roof worst.

Address Confirmation

Before even calling a roofing contractor for your roofing job, it is advisable that you take your time to identify or verify their physical office location and every form of contact given to you.

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If the address given to you belong to someone else of a contractor that has nothing to do with the person you a planning to give your roofing job to, then you might want to start running or perhaps, call the police to help save others from falling victim of the disaster you just escaped.

Roof Knowledge

Just as every good driver knows what he or she is running under his/her hood, so does every reputable contractor have complete knowledge about every roofing material in the market regardless of when it was manufactured.

Testing the expertise of a contractor about these materials might be your saving grace and a possible way to avoid the disaster that is preparing to take you by surprise.

Ask the contractor about the lifespan of the roof and confirm from the internet or by reading instructions on the material. If both responses are different, then you have a clue of how long he has been on the job.

Mode of Addressing Situations

It is not a new thing that every contractor has a different approach and methods for solving common problems. However, some things never change, and this are the things you need to use to verify the reputation of the contractor.

Ask the contractor what he intends doing to your old roof and possible solution to some common problem such as the presence of mold on the roof. His response to both would give you are a clue of his competence.


In conclusion, it is always reasonable to search around your community and hire a reliable roofing contractor in your location. Local roofing contractors have many advantages than the roofers you had in mind to invite from another place.

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Look for a licensed local roofing contractor with experience in the field as well as understood the climate conditions of the area. They know what it takes for a roofing system to last longer in your area than the contractor you are inviting from another location. You can discus with one of your neighbor to get an idea on how to make things work out well for you.