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The 10 Laws of the Control of Content Marketing

Content marketing is just two words.

But it has evolved into a complex intersection and an eco-system of art and science.

For many of us, it is a confusing mess of multiple media, platforms and disciplines that are fighting for our attention.

We must distil the clutter and noise of brilliant ideas and distractions into the essential elements you need to foster and develop marketing mastery.

These are the mentalities, habits, and skills that you will need to develop to succeed as a content marketing specialist at the machine age.

To become a content marketing specialist in a digital world, you will have to hug geeks, build robots, and nurture the creative world.

Here are my 10 laws for mastering content marketing.

# 1. Be paranoid

Andy Grove in his book "Only the Paranoid Survive" promotes the idea of ​​healthy paranoia in a world that is constantly changing.

Internet was just a universe of websites. Today, smartphones are reigning on the world.

This is a network of applications and platforms.

We order an Uber with an application.

We get our food delivered with our smartphone

But the reality is that the digital world will continue to change.

So, you can never relax and settle down.

We can not rely on a platform anymore.

Facebook does not care about you.

LinkedIn not found.

Or Snapchat.

The Battle of Algorithms

Algorithm changes affect everything.

Search, Facebook news feed, Twitter feed and even email were disrupted.

Gmail's main, social, and promotional content tabs changed the email marketing game.

Even LinkedIn is not immune.

Long form items have been given priority, but now the 1,300 characters are highlighted.

The only way is the vigilance and the monitoring of the channels and the results and the adaptation of your tactics.

You can not beat them, so you have to work with the platforms.

The battle of algorithms is your constant challenge.

Being slightly paranoid is required.

# 2. Build your authority

This was a meeting of public relations professionals. The big end of the city and the shops.

How to become and influence. An authority. A leader of opinion?

Their advice?

Get an article in the mainstream media, this prominent newspaper and you've arrived.

But in the world of clutter and noise, you just started.

The authority is acquired.

A piece of content at a time.

A tribe of loyal followers on Twitter built day after day.

One subscriber by email after the other.

Despite flaky SEO companies promising the page a ranking next week or next month, there is a bigger game. The Search Engine Authority is a technical website design work supported by the persistent content creation.

The acquired authority is spread over several channels, search engines, mailing lists and tribes on social networks.

Enlightened leadership and influence in any discipline are not a marvel to success but a deserved journey of authority.

# 3. Measure what matters

Jean-Claude Van Damme was the star of a television ad that currently has more than 88 million views on YouTube. It was a new breed of Volvo Trucks.

This is a lot of traffic. He won a Cannes prize. Created a ton of brand awareness.

But if that's all he achieves, then it's just noise.

The vanity settings do not concern the ego. That makes the CEO feel good. The CMO is hot and fuzzy.

But if brand awareness is where you start and stop, then you have a problem.

3 key indicators that matter in a digital world?

Traffic, tracks and sales.

The combinatorial optimization between these three is the secret to the success of the digital world.

Does your content generate traffic or increase your business?

# 4. Adopt continuous learning

He was so intimidated at school that he was thrown down a staircase and then beaten until he was unconscious and hospitalized.

But despite the label from abroad, he had a passion.

Born in a small town in South Africa and son of a dietician, he loved to read.

His brother revealed that he was reading up to two books a day on a wide range of subjects. This means that he read 60 times the number of books that most of us read in a month.

He completed 2 bachelor's degrees and was selected to begin a Ph.D. at Stanford University. After two days, he left to begin his entrepreneurial career.

By mid-40s, he had started and built four multi-billion dollar companies. These are in four different areas of software, energy, transportation and aerospace.

His name? Elon Musk.

The college is only the beginning

University degrees are a discipline and a learning environment that can be a ticket to this dream job.

Tragedy? It is there that most people stop.

They were considered the ticket for the company or academic nirvana. But in a world that is constantly evolving and changing, it is not an option because you have to keep learning and never stop. The other choice is to calcify and become irrelevant. But some of us have a dinosaur gene or a successful death wish.

You must adopt a habit of success in content marketing that is today the difference between the average and the impressive.

Continuous learning.

It's never been so easy

Many people sign up for a degree and then progress to an MBA or even another qualification. Some never leave the university. And that's what has always been the typical path to business and business success. It often costs a lot of money and you have to pre-qualify.

But the game changes.

Education is now online and everywhere. The formal path is no longer your only option. Today, there are no excuses for not always learning.

What does continuous learning look like?

Books are the distillation of decades of life lessons by the smartest people on the planet. And everything is packed in a few pages. Between the covers, you will discover what has worked and the key elements of their inspiration and success. But they are not the only way to have ideas and lessons.

We all have different learning modalities and preferences. Some like to listen, others prefer to watch and many of us like to read. So we must all select our learning weapons of choice.

Here are some of them.

YouTube and video

My son is dyslexic and reading is difficult. But when he watches a video on how to play the guitar or mix music, he can learn. The online video lessons and "how to" have been a boon to those of us who may not like to read or find it difficult.

Online Classes

You no longer need to get permission to take a course or obtain a certain grade to qualify yourself. You can register for free and paid classes whenever you want.


These are the media of choice for many commuters, gym junkies and travelers. Do you want to learn faster? Increase the pace and play at 2 times the normal speed and it's double the learning in the same amount of time.


The online publication brings you the latest news and information without waiting for the publishers and the printed copy to be distributed to your bookstore or store. So …… subscribe, read, commit, create and share.

Applications of Curation

We are transforming from an online world that is changing from an Internet of websites to an application network. Some of them include Flipboard and Anders Pink. Technology and education have crossed.


Sometimes we need a drop of information fed to our devices to facilitate education. Maybe we need a little reminder of inspiration. Subscriptions to blog posts and educational websites can help.


Accompanying the smartest people in your industry for a few days can accelerate learning and transformation. These can cost but can give you a tip from the idea to the action.

Some of us use all of this.

It's there that magic happens

Absorbing ideas, lessons and learning is one thing, but making sense and structuring another. You must take the fogginess of information and complexity and give it structure and clarity.

That means absorbing the avalanche of information.

So … writing and sharing it with the world is the next step. The powerful supercharged learning (and success) comes from creation and play.

Elon Musk decided that a PhD was a luxury that prevented him from doing and putting into practice what he had learned.

A university degree is just an entrance ticket.

Then you start learning as you "do".

The mastery of content marketing needs you to keep learning.

# 5. Use AI to be more human

Robots take our jobs.

They are … ..but is it a good thing or a bad thing?

The fear surrounding the rise of "AI" is like the Luddites who revolted and broke machines during the rise of the industrial era.

Machines are meant to be our servants and not our masters.

Extensions of who we are.

Artificial intelligence offers the same promise.

How can "AI" make our marketing more human?

The use of AI in marketing can be applied, without limitation, to the following:

  • Improving customer satisfaction
  • Increase the commitment
  • Building Intelligent and Personalized Experiences

The artificial intelligence can make your messages more human and personalized. Gain knowledge about the human that are lost in a million data points on noise and bits and bytes.

But there is a problem.

The Challenge of Noise and Data

It is estimated that in the last five years we have created as much data as the entire history of humanity. The scale of data, their management and their complexity require an improvement in our human limitations.

We must use the power of artificial intelligence to get ideas and create models that allow us to make better decisions.

In addition, customers begin to wait for it as part of the service. Facebook, Google, Apple and Amazon all have AI-powered wizards that are evolving rapidly. Consumers will increasingly use digital PDAs to interact with connected home consumer services.

A Case Study

In one example, US Bank (the 5th largest bank in the United States) used "AI" to scoring 4.5 million leads, which were analyzed in just two hours.

Knowledge derived from the use of artificial intelligence also revealed that the owner of a mortgage is more likely to increase assets under management if she had a credit card . Human intelligence would not have seen or even discovered this link.

This idea resulted in a 230% increase in lead conversion with the US bank's financial advisors.

The AI ​​is here and it can make us more human.

This trip is just beginning.

# 6. Create content of consequence

The battle for attention is endless. And creating content sometimes seems like a round of unsuccessful activities like a mouse on a wheel.

So, we all want content that flows through.

That is why viral content is often considered the holy grail of advertisers. Creating Snapchat and Instagram fun images is easy to do. A fast live Facebook video is a snack of content. A tweet to your subscribers keeps people tempted and builds brand awareness.

But there is one type of content that continues to give is perhaps perceived as a little boring.

And that is important.

This is a consequence content.

Over time, entrepreneurs, knowledge experts, marketers and executives who take the time to create content of consequence should not be ignored.

Work and content that make the difference

In his book Deep Work: Rules for Targeted Success in a Distracted World, Cal Newport looks at the difference between deep work and superficial work. Any of us who are trapped in endless cycles of answering e-mails and attending meetings know the feeling.

At the end of the day, you ask this question.

" What have I done or created today that is of any importance whatsoever? "

But there is a solution to this nagging question. It does not matter if you are a knowledge worker within the company, an entrepreneur or a creative.

An approach

According to Cal Newport, there are several options for doing Deep Work. This is not a one size fits all. It depends on how you like to work and live and also depends on your particular life situation.

Monastic Approach : Cut off from the world to concentrate and remove distraction.

Bimodal Approach: It is here that you can work and perform daily work in one place and do your homework in another. You then dive in and out of each space.

Journalistic Approach : This is an approach where you seize the opportunity to perform a "deep work" at random as time and your schedule allows it

Rhythmic Approach : It is here that you separate a certain time of day to create and block every day and engage yourself in this ritual.

These are not the only ways to create "Deep Work", but they provide some ideas for a habit that could change your life.

The usual

In 2009, I started my online publication portal and my approach was more like that of a journalist. I often created late at night but also on weekends. But as the journey continued, the ritual became a rhythmic habit.

I got up early at 4:30 in the morning for 5 days a week and turned off all emails, social networks and other distractions. The ritual consisted of making a cup of coffee, a cup of lemon and ginger tea, and sitting down and tying it up.

I researched, wrote and published. The last step was to push this content to the waiting world.

When you do this one day at a time for 4 years, things start to happen. A passion project has become a serious business. Do it part-time before most people are awake.

This habit was an investment in me. But when I started, I did not understand its profound consequences.

The power of validation

In 1998, a journalist, David Isay, decided to capture the stories of ordinary people. He visited New York's flop houses and sat with men who had lived and survived for decades in dilapidated buildings.

After publishing their interviews, he returned and showed them their one-page stories printed. A man seeing his name in black and white, grabbed the book from David's hand and ran down the hall and shouted "I exist … ..I exists ….. I exist! "

These men had to wait for someone else to discover them … to share their story with the world. Visibility had also provided validation. It's something we, humans, are looking for.

To be recognized is a powerful thing.

Choose to discover

But on the social and mobile web of today, we do not have to wait for discovery or permission.

We can create, publish, and present our own existence without waiting for permission or being "discovered"

We can choose to start something of consequence. We can choose to create. When you start sharing this with the planet, the magic of this distillation of your thoughts and your genius is a place of growth and validation.

The social Web with its platforms and networks is a feedback loop that will give you the feedback you need to evolve and grow.

I pose a new mantra. " I create, I publish, I exist "

Blocks Your Time for "Your" Creation

So plan your day to make sure you have focused the creative space. Block time for "deep work". Do not make success an accident. Design your life, share your expertise, your experience and your passion.

We all have the opportunity to be artisans. Be creators and producers of content and media that belong to you and not society.

The habit of doing the "deep work" is not just about productivity. It goes much further than that.

This is a place where your learning goes to a new level one day at a time. Block a few hours for you. For your work. But …… do not keep your hidden creation of the world. Share it. It's where magic happens.

It will fill the hole that eats you every day if the opportunity to create in the concentration is ignored.

Food of the soul

You will feel a sense of accomplishment as work that began as raw and raw becomes a work of art that is yours. It will nourish your soul.

This is your life, your work and your creation.

You will look back in a year and wonder why you did not start the habit earlier.

But you must commit to getting there and investing in yourself. Responding to emails from other people and attending meetings does not invest in your work.

It's just busy.

One of the biggest challenges of life can be the habits that trap us in mediocrity or that prevent us from growing up and moving forward.

But what does the content of the consequence look like?

Blog articles are just the beginning of history. There are many other types of media that are found in the contents of the bucket of consequences.

Content of the pillar designed for "the authority of the search engine" (long blog posts), ebooks and even training videos

Another type of substantial content that has been used effectively is that of surveys defining the industry.

Two online publishers that do it well are:

If you really want to put a peg in the ground, a book about the paper copy industry works well.

For a glimpse of this, Gary Keller's book "The One Thing" will convince you of the importance of the content of the consequence.

The Benefits of Digital Commerce

So what are the benefits?

In a digital world, content defines you.

And it has never been easier to publish and promote your ideas, experience and expertise.

  • It builds inbound links to develop your search engine authority.
  • He develops relationships, credibility, and authority.

And if you do not need attention but you need to generate income, then you must start today.

Gary Keller's book has transformed his business and industry.

# 7. Play the long game

I went into the store and they were there. S & # 39; align. Discount of the coupon.

Their expected faces were full of hope.

It was perhaps the moment.

Dream realized.

Most were sure it was "the" day.

But they all left disappointed. Back to reality.

The chances of success were low. A professional betting man would not bother to pay the price. Despite this, they continue to hope for this payday when their numbers have increased.

Winning the lottery, it's "this" big dream for many.

This quick fix.

A solution to their financial despair. But this is rarely the case.

The long game

According to Bill Gates " Most people overestimate what they can do in a year and underestimate what they can do in ten years . "

Playing along the game is a trait that many can not stand. But that is the secret of success .

Having the patience to hang in there and keep tying and doing the work. Winning business and life requires patience. This overnight success is rare. Normally, decades are happening.

Building life transforms the habits of patient perseverance.

Patience is boring

Success is a game of patience, and whether you're a digital marketer, a professional, or an entrepreneur, some key activities deserve to be invested.

But they take time.

Social media has offered a magical solution to our marketing problems and this can sometimes happen. But the free meal becomes a mandatory paying strategy.

The quick fix of instant traffic can be intoxicating but you need money for that. And many small businesses do not have this money available.

But gaining traffic, leads and sales can be done. Earning business is not a lottery. Designing and building a life worth living and celebrating is not in a coupon.2

The secret of success is not a quick fix.

It takes patience. There is no other way. It's essential and often boring.

Here are some skills you need to earn and persevere in order to succeed in a digital world.

Gain of Power on Search Engines

Google does not give your organic search traffic for free.

It comes after months and years of content creation and to ensure that it is discovered. Playing along the game in SEO is essential.

Building a follow-up on social networks

You need time to develop networks and tribes on social networks.

This means that you have to engage in continuous marketing. Social networks do not tolerate silence. A long loyal tribe is rectifying itself.

Expand your mailing list

An email list is not as sexy as SnapChat but it's still one of the best ways to turn your passion into profit.

It means taking the time and perseverance to learn how to convert traffic and attention into a list of emails. It means working on how to optimize landing pages, creating premium content like ebooks, videos and podcasts.

And …… continue.

Develop your expertise in writing

Learning the art of writing is something that many of us can do, but few of us are willing to pay the price. Steven King still invests in writing 1000 words a day, 7 days a week.

Investment means reading books about writing, just reading (a lot) and doing keyboard exercise.

Feeding Your Communication Skills

Some people pretend to stand on stage.

But I can guarantee you that almost all hired several coaches, practiced often and a long time and talked for free until they could order a fee. This is not just points on a PowerPoint.

There are a lot of moving parts and skills.

Required skills include movement, breathing, cadence, and narration.

Gaining Entrepreneurial Skills

Building a business is for the most part a journey of ecstasy, graft and pain.

Often, it means making mistakes that do not kill you and are right there. To go to the office or to sit down and do the many ordinary things that lead to extraordinary.

That means paying the price of patience.

Play along the game.

# 8. Optimize your content

The edition was a pretty simple game.

Write a compelling title and tell your story.

In an online world and a noisy web where the battle to attract attention is fierce, the science of content optimization at every step is now the difference between success and success. failure.

The art of writing and publishing now needs science. Tech.

Creating content that draws traffic then converts is now an optimization journey.

It starts with topics your audience wants to read, titles that catch their attention until the landing pages turn that attention into subscribers, prospects and sales.

Content platforms like Contently even use "AI" as IBM's Watson to provide information about the words you need to use to elicit emotions.

Et les données vous diront ce qui fonctionne et ce qui ne fonctionne pas.

Quelle est l'importance de ceci?

Si nous regardons seulement un élément, l'importance devient claire.

Récemment, une grande marque s'est associée à une grande agence de recherche. Un ebook approfondi a été créé.

On nous a demandé d'aider à la promotion du livre.

Mais il y avait un problème.

Leur page d'atterrissage convertie à 2%. Seulement 2 personnes sur 100 remettaient leur courriel en échange du rapport.

Dans un autre projet, nous nous sommes associés à une petite entreprise pour promouvoir un webinaire.

Tout ce que nous demandions, c'était que les gens s'inscrivent au webinaire avec leur adresse e-mail.

Il a été converti à 50%.

La différence de résultats était de 2500%.

Les grandes marques ne mesurent souvent pas ce qui compte car elles sont souvent bloquées dans le marketing patrimonial. Ils comptent souvent sur le traumatisme contondant des gros budgets et des médias pour gagner les cœurs et les esprits.

Les petites marques peuvent gagner si elles sont intelligentes en matière d'optimisation.

# 9. Mettez à l'échelle votre humanité

Il y a dix ans, la convention des médias sociaux était que vous faisiez tout manuellement.

Les médias sociaux étaient ce nouveau parc global et nous avons pu avoir des conversations dans le monde entier.

C'était amusant et enivrant.

Le Far West.

La convention et les règles de comportement à l'époque étaient que vous n'utilisiez pas d'outils pour tweeter mais vous l'avez fait personnellement.

Mais il y avait un problème.

Ça n'a pas évolué et tu ne voulais pas passer toute ta journée à tweeter.

Nous avions tous du travail à faire.

Les outils d'automatisation étaient initialement très rares et rudimentaires

Aujourd'hui, il existe des outils sophistiqués d'automatisation du marketing des médias sociaux pour tweeter, lancer des campagnes et des promotions. Et ils sont conçus et optimisés pour fonctionner dans les règles de tweeting que Twitter a écrit dans la politique et l'accord de l'utilisateur.

Aujourd'hui, nous devons automatiser le marketing mais pas la conversation.

Les médias sociaux nous ont donné les plates-formes et la technologie pour avoir des conversations de "un à plusieurs"

Les médias sociaux nous offrent un visage humain à la technologie, mais c'était un trou noir pour la productivité et le temps.

Il nous a fourni des plateformes libres pour avoir des conversations globales mais nous avons dû aller de l'avant.

Alors … .à l'échelle de votre distribution de contenu.

# 10. N'oubliez pas que vous êtes humain à l'ère des robots

J'étais au milieu de ma présentation. Devant moi, il y avait un stade plein de gens que je connaissais à peine. Puis quelque chose est arrivé.

C'est ce que tous les orateurs redoutent.

Mes diapos ont disparu du grand écran derrière moi.

Allé …….

Et ils ne sont jamais revenus.

Ce fut un moment que tous les orateurs espèrent qu'il n'arrivera jamais.

Mais il l'a fait.

La solution était de continuer la narration.

Il a fini par être l'un de mes meilleurs keynotes.

Les histoires touchent les coeurs

" Les gens oublieront ce que tu as dit mais ils n'oublieront jamais comment tu leur as fait sentir ."

Dans cette citation (souvent attribuée à Carl Buechner) est la vérité sur l'art de la narration.

Toucher le cœur des gens est au centre de l'engagement.

Quand j'ai commencé mon entreprise d'édition en ligne, tout était une question de faits.

Informations, données et statistiques.

When I commenced my speaking career my PowerPoint was all about bullet points. More information and more stuff.

When I began writing emails the facts were the main hero.

But if you want to move people, educate and transform you need more than that in your toolbox.

As marketers you need stories to be memorable.

To persuade.

In a digital age and a noisy world we need the art of storytelling more than ever.

Tell your story

In a world where the polished media roams we have also entered a realm of human stories enabled by technology.

The social web is the intersection of that technology and humanity.

It has amplified the evil and the good.

You have to choose which side you’re on.

Vulnerability is a place of power should you have the courage to reveal your truth, creation and story with the world.

You will change the world when you create, publish and share.

And the world will change you.

The two way conversation of the social web is now in real time.

But you need to create and share your stories. That is where the power of authentic and powerful content marketing really lies.


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