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The $ 199 security system will finally be shipped next month

In October of last year, Ring announced "Ring Protect" – a modular, no-contract home security system.

After a few delays, a little legal drama and Ring being acquired for a billion dollars by Amazon, the alarm is finally about to be shipped – although with a slightly different name (better!)

Ring Protect has been redoubbed as Ring Alarm more intuitive – a better name only because the Nest competitor has both a security product and a totally different product (a smoke detector) called Nest Protect. ]

The Ring Basic Alarm Kit starts at $ 199, which includes a keypad (to arm / disarm the system), a door / window sensor, a motion detector, and an extender. # 39; autonomy. You will probably want to add more components, and fortunately they are relatively cheap: another door sensor, for example, is $ 20, while motion detectors are $ 30.

Nest's competing security system offers some tips that Ring does not do (Nest combined door and motion sensors, for example, and has a sophisticated RFID system for PIN-free disarming), but it costs $ 200 more … and that's after a $ 100 price drop that, presumably not by chance, just happened yesterday.

The system does not require any kind of contract – but if you want professional supervision, it will be $ 10 a month. This is a very good deal, especially because if you have Ring Cameras (like its smart doorbell, or its floodlight cameras), this plan includes unlimited video storage for everyone of them.

Ring claims that other products are being expanded, including smoke / carbon monoxide detectors and flood sensors.

Ring's security system is in the process of being pre-ordered and, if all goes as planned, will begin to be delivered on July 4th.