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The 4 best advantages of a better printed business stationery

Whether your business has a long history or you are a start-up during the first year of business in the UK, it's still important to have effective stationery. Outside of your website, this is the first exchange of communication that a prospective customer has with the company.

Nothing is worse than a fragile business card on cheap stock that is handed to you and that looks almost like paper rather than a card. Sometimes it's as much to avoid mistakes as poor-quality stationery as to impress one's self outright.

photo credit: Giulia Ripa / Behance

Our friends at Print24 flyer printing suggests the following advantages of using quality printed business stationery:

1. You only have a chance to make a great first impression

Whether we distribute printed flyers to a distribution in the street or that we print flyers to promote an upcoming local event, there is only 1 to 2 seconds left to make that first impression .

If the flyer does not feel good in the hand or the flyer tears easily from a gust of wind because it is so fragile that everything could destroy it, then it is poorly reflected on the Company or event promoted on the flyer. The object is discarded, the event is quickly forgotten and the fleeting attention of a member of the public is definitely lost.

2. Customizable Multicolored Flyers to Meet Your Needs

Modern flyer printing uses up to 20 different types of paper that create different finishes and visual effects. Some papers are opaque, while others have a smooth, silky finish that lets your hands slide easily. The weight of the paper stock depends both on personal choice and availability with different types of paper (some are naturally heavier than others). The basis weight ranges from 90 g / m² at the lower end up to 350 g / m2 of thicker card stock on the high end.

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Coated art paper often produces some of the most enjoyable results because it stands out and feels the best. The surface of the art paper has its own coating which includes chalk, casein and a polymer dispersion, which together creates a bond on the paper. Almost all paper stock begins with a non-reflective matte finish, but it is also possible to obtain a glossy finish that requires an additional process. Each flyer is fed by two rollers that smooth the card, which brings out the colors of the paper.

<img class="size-full wp-image-35749" src="" alt=" Example of folded flyer "width =" 810 "height =" 540 "/>

photo credit: Jeremy Purdy / Behance

3. The Folded Folder Pack Attracts More Attention

Gone are the days when cheap printing of flyers means a photocopier-quality paper, dull, lifeless and uninspired. The latest technology is used with flyer printing these days to create folded flyers made from thick card stock that folds or unfolds to display a multi-page layout. There is room for a company logo, inspiring artwork designs, an introduction to basic services and the promotion of any other information you want to print.

When you send a folded advertising flyer by mail, it's good to open the envelope, remove the flyer and unfold it to see what it looks like completely. This is a little different from the promotional material in the past and so the receivers are often surprised by the material, its presentation value and its quality. With this memorable experience, the details contained in the brochure are more likely to be retained, which is good news for companies trying to get noticed with a small budget.

4. Quality Flyers for Expo Events

When setting up an industry exhibition event, it is quite a design challenge to get the right booth. It must be open plan to allow free movement, but also with enough space for the mark to shine through. One of the ways in which the events of the show increase the level of expectation is in the corporate gifts that are distributed by the staff. It can be mini notebooks, pens, flyers, flyers and other items that provide information about products and services, while keeping the brand at the center of visitors' concerns .

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It's not good for the company to get beautiful, beautifully designed, beautifully printed flyers and have them sit in the office so no one sees them. These are great marketing tools that need to be put in the hands of the right people to enable dialogue, follow up sales calls later and, hopefully, an agreement consumed shortly thereafter. When the staff is not there to talk, it is the marketing material that speaks for the company, so it must be top notch. Other salon companies do the same thing, so your print media must stand out from the overcrowded to get noticed.


Whatever your printing requirements, focus on the design, the quality of the print stock and the finish of the print. Distributable materials must both be beautiful and impressive. a rough finish or a thin card stock will not cut it.