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Since time immemorial, players have demanded the best performance of their computers. , the state of the art would certainly not be the same and there is no better example than in the field of gaming laptops Long considered an oxymoron, gaming laptops are now powerful enough to tackle the most modern games. In contrast, the performance is not as good as that of a desktop PC. But again, portability is ideal for spontaneous sessions of Witcher III or Overwatch, whether at work during your lunch break or at the airport while waiting for your boarding call.

The game world is still filled with options, although many of them have polarizing style choices. This does not mean that you can not find a game notebook that is not decorated in lights and vents, but a subtle design is not quite the norm. Where some companies have introduced a new turf in recent times is in the price range below $ 1,000, offering great value to budding players who go to college

. That's something we take seriously here when we test gaming laptops. So, without further ado, here is our list of the latest, fastest high-performance gaming laptops.

Rating: 10.0

The best laptop is also an excellent choice for both advanced users and gamers. More expensive MacBook Pro, this Razer is equipped with Nvidia GTX 1060 graphics, a good keyboard and normal USB ports.You connect the Razer Core accessory to further boost your graphics performance … See our review

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Razer stealth blade late 2016 hero

Rating: 8.0

The second ultrabook of Razer is a little better on the same idea. Although it has a quick screen, a keyboard and a surfer, it is still behind Dell, HP and Apple for running the trackpad. That said, if you need a premium ultrabook with a fast chip and 16GB of RAM, Razer has delivered surprisingly good value in the Stealth Blade. Read our review

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Inspiron 15 7559 hero (Photo: verified .com)

Rating: 7.7

Dell offers a great value and performance at the Inspiron 15 7559. With the latest Intel quad-core notebook chips, Nvidia GeForce 960M Graphics Fast, inexpensive and easy to open for upgrades all these factors make it an excellent choice for budget-conscious gamers or multimedia enthusiasts who need all the power they can afford. [1 9459032] See our ex amen

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Y900 Hero Review (Photo: Reviewed.com)

Score: 5.7

Lenovo IdeaPad Y700 gaming notebook offers a wide range of configurations to an affordable price. Whether you need a HD or 4K display, an Intel or AMD processor, or even an SSD or hard drive (or both!), Lenovo offers all these options and more. Only an imprecise trackpad, a mediocre battery, and an authoritative installation from McAfee annoyed us, but not enough to prevent us from recommending it. See our review

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