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The best use of your time

Now that we're in 2018, are you still looking for ways to boost your business success, sales and sales? One of the best ways is to be really intentional about where you spend your time. I really believe in Jim Rohn's philosophy: "You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with" and we'll dig next week but for this week I want to go a step further and think about the events we assist.

When you think about it, for most of us, the most finite professional resource we have is time. So, being smart about where we spend this resource is just logical in terms of business.

My mother always used the phrase "discuss, discuss, love her hat" to describe events where everyone kissed or shook hands, and then had conversations with people that they did not know very well. Think of the neighborhood barbeque or the typical events of the mixer for business.

The truth is that for us, professionally, there are a ton of "discuss, discuss, like your hat" events types that are available to us as traders, business owners and business leaders. Some of them have an educational component, such as a monthly gathering of professional associations with a speaker. Some are focused on business development, such as a networking event or a rotating type of gathering and others are really kind of seen and seen as a kind of opportunity. Each of them can be valuable. But you must also let yourself be cautious, otherwise you will not have enough time and energy to accomplish what you need.

Like most marketing tactics, these events give much better results if you do some pre-planning. When deciding who the participants are, ask yourself these questions:

What are the three things I want to start from this event? This could be a new connection, new ideas or spending time with someone you already know. But if you are going to spend an hour or two, should not you know that there is something specific for you?

What can I offer other participants? How can you add value to other people attending the event? Have you recently read something that you can refer to? If it's an event or gathering you know well, can you go out of their way to make presentations for newcomers? Can you go and ask better questions that really go beyond the little conversation?

Who can I bring with me, who would also benefit from the event? There is something to be said about the association of these kinds of gatherings. Is it a mentorship situation? Could you bring someone who is new to the community? Or an old sage who has not been so active lately and everyone would like to reconnect?

Can I go and be completely present? Are you going to be distracted by your phone, your SMS, your emails, or having something urgent in your mind? Can you leave your phone in your pocket and really tend towards the people you meet, the content presented and the opportunities that may arise? Otherwise, it may not be a good use of your time.

What is your tracking ability? You always meet or reconnect with someone during these events. But ideally, it's not the end – it's only the beginning. Do you have time to go back and go to the next step?

You will have to choose where you invest your time. When it comes to these kinds of events, be sure to choose wisely and make the most of each investment.

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