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The Bitcoin community raises more than $ 1.6 million for Andreas Antonopoulos

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The Bitcoin community has raised more than $ 1.6 million or Andreas Boropoulos, expert in security and bitcoin highly respected, who has spent the past few years, educating the masses on the bitcoin.

For many years, Antonopoulos attended numerous events, conferences and meetings to introduce bitcoin to the masses and educate newcomers to the bitcoin and cryptocurrency market.

On December 3, 2016, at the Coinscrum conference organized by Imperial College London, England, Antonopoulos revealed that despite his position as a speaker, teacher, and educator among the most influential and active in the cryptocurrency industry, had debt in US dollars.

But Antonopoulos pointed out that he devoted practically every aspect of his professional career and his intellectual capacity to bitcoin, and that this money was the least of the investment that he made. he had done in bitcoin.

"My little savings I own are invested in bitcoin 100 percent [of it] .I actually have a tiny debt in US dollars that I'm still trying to repay, so there is more than 100 percent of bitcoin.Now I want to point out again, this is not a recommendation to invest.because i have not invested in it. Bitcoin money, I have invested my career, my intellectual capacity, my creativity, my passion, and my work in bitcoin.The money is the least of the investment that I have made in bitcoin and I could lose everything and I would still have everything else, " says Antonopoulos.

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On December 5, Roger Ver, an early-stage Bitcoin investor, publicly stated that if Antonopoulos had invested $ 300 in 2012, he would be a millionaire today. In response, Antonopoulos explained that he had sold bitcoin which he owned to pay his rent, since he had worked for two consecutive years without pay or disposable income.

"I invested, Roger, then I sold in 2013 to pay my rent.I did not have any disposable income to work two years without pay and invest at the same I should have put myself in more debt, but it would have been irresponsible to my family that I supported, "said Antonopoulos.

Ver's statement led the entire Bitcoin community to encourage Bitcoin supporters to support Antonopoulos. In 48 hours, the Bitcoin community raised more than $ 1.6 million for Antonopoulos.

Antonopoulos had no disposable income to invest $ 300 in 2012, as Ver said. But, he had invested his career, his intellectual capacity, his passion, his work and his creative energy in bitcoin, which turned out to be bigger than the financial investment. The bitcoin community that Antonopoulos has served for many years, without financial incentive, has taken the initiative to send donations to Antonopoulos, although he has never asked for it .

In a statement, Antonopoulos also noted that Ver was one of many figures in the bitcoin community who helped him get his first paying job in bitcoin.

"Dozens of people have supported me at the time, a lot of the bitcoin community." Roger himself helped me get my first paying job in Bitcoin. Said Antonopoulos.

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