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The bulls are back, Petro Ban returns from Trump and karmic justice: this week in Crypto

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Make sure to take a look at the last few weeks of publication here, let's move on now to what happened in crypto this week.

Price monitoring:

  • Bitcoin is up 15% this week after a slight gain last week and a drop of nearly 20% the previous week. After stabilizing at $ 7,100 earlier this week, the price climbed above $ 8,000 in a dramatic green candle. The price has reached a selling threshold of $ 8.00, but analysts are optimistic. For the first time in a few weeks, we've seen some important personalities reveal very high price targets similar to the end of 2017. Despite rising prices, bitcoin dominance has dropped slightly, marking a reversal of gains in recent weeks.
  • Ethereum is up 30% this week. The currency was flat last week and has seen several weeks of double-digit declines in previous weeks. Technical analysts are optimistic about the continuation of the rally. Those who are more interested in fundamental analysis will show that the Golem will be online this week.
  • The entire crypto market gained 20% this week, bringing the total market capitalization to over $ 325 billion. This comes after the first gains of $ 20 billion earlier in the week and is undoubtedly due to fantastic bitcoins rallying prices earlier this week. The dramatic gains come after several weeks of price rises to the $ 250 billion level.


  • Trump's repression against Petro turns against: A representative of the Venezuelan government thanks Trump for the free publicity that stems from his ban on Petro. The representative also said that the Trump decree even managed to arouse the interest of investors in the United States. These statements should be made with hesitation because Venezuelans are suspected of making false statements about the $ 5 billion raised by Petro earlier this year. In any case, Venezuela has made bold predictions for the future indicating that the impact of Petro would be felt in "three to six months".
  • Pakistan banned banks from transferring cryptocurrencies this week in a move that closely followed the neighbor and the ban on India-still-off off-off India last week. The movement in Pakistan should be just as controversial (and ambiguous) as that of India. This decision follows similar actions from Bolivia, China, Ecuador, Colombia, Russia, Vietnam, Bangladesh, Nigeria and other countries, although these prohibitions have taken various forms.
  • JP Morgan sues : In what has been called a form of karmic justice for JP Morgan CEO Jamie Dimon, who called Bitcoin "fraud", the firm He's leading a victim of a lawsuit lawsuit surrounding the hidden fees that users incur when using credit cards to buy Bitcoin.
  • Bitfinex investigated money laundering: Polish authorities revealed that Bitfinex was involved in a survey of money laundering Polish złotys of 1.27 billion zlotys (~ 371 millions of dollars). The whitened money belongs to the Colombian drug cartels. Colombia banned cryptocurrencies at the end of 2016 citing money laundering problems.


  • Nano lawsuit claims a fork: A class action lawsuit filed by the victims of a violation against the BitGrail exchange aims to force the Nano developers (XRB) to create a hard range that would return lost assets to investors. Normally, security is the responsibility of the asset holders, but the developers seem to have explicitly approved the exchange citing a close relationship with the founder of BitGrail. Questions were asked as to whether the attack occurred or not and many pointed to BitGrail exclusively. If this lawsuit is won by the plaintiffs, it could set a dangerous precedent for future hacks.
  • Vitalik opposes a fork that would stop ASIC mining: After the EIP seeking to slow down the centralization of Ethereum By stopping the ASIC miners became very popular, the co-founder of Ethereum Vitalik urged the community to show restraint. With the memory of Moner's 5x hard fork, it's perfectly reasonable to fear a split in the community and a hijacking of "bigger things".

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