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The "changes" of Ethereum Classic increase the price to new historic highs of more than $ 30

The Ethereum Classic (ETC) exploded to new peaks as the hard range of the altcoin approaches next month.

After increased enthusiasm at a recent developer conference in Hong Kong, ETC reached $ 34 Tuesday after news of "significant changes" became commonplace.

The movement represents nearly 50% growth in 24 hours, The best ETC performance so far and a signal for traders that momentum is being built to 'copy The Ethereum (ETH) by surpassing the historic highs.

The high precedents of the CTE had dropped to around $ 23 and a period of downsizing. 39; public activity from The main promoter, Barry Silbert, had led to several months of flat growth activity

Since, Silbert has returned to modest updates on Twitter, confirming a new record price while levels of $ 24 were higher today

In addition to the technical improvements planned for ETC, the developers also announced the departure of Bitnovosti from the project as they now consider it "self-sustaining."

"Bitnovosti a We decided to leave Ethereum Classic, it was still part of their plan, install us, be our lightening rod, then back once we are self-sufficient," reads in a post of Reddit

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teams, a passionate community, the ETC cooperative, our first summit, and a wide adoption of trade, I would say we are here. "

The hard fork will offer a" Stable parts supply "and stealth addresses to ensure transaction confidentiality, announces an announcement this week. The event is to take place on December 12th.

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