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The Chinese Blockchain lecture under fire after the actor mimics the former leader

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While some cryptocurrency projects are infamous for displaying ostentatious marketing efforts, the strategy seems to be chosen by blockchain conference organizers as well. However, harmless efforts can sometimes turn in the other direction, as learned by the organizers of a Chinese blockchain event on Monday.

Marketing went too far?

The 2018 edition of the Boao Blockchain Conference, held at the island of Hainan in China, was taken from bad foot after a political trick – in which a local actor was dressed to play the role of Mao Zedong, China's most famous chef.

Naturally, citizens were not impressed, and the movement sparked a public outcry and criticism – questioning the intent and mental health of the organizers – in addition be subject to potential violation of relevant laws.

As it stands, the Boao forum hired the actor to emulate Mao praising the event and wishing blockchain projects to succeed.

"I sincerely hope that this conference will be a great success … and I want to thank you on behalf of Mao Zedong," said the actor.

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Laws Prohibiting Displacement

According to the State Administration for the Industry and Commerce ( SAIC ) in China, any representation, image, calligraphy or statement concerning current and former national leaders for the means of commercial products are strictly prohibited, the culprits being sentenced to heavy fines or imprisonment.

Apparently, the organizer apologized for the company, and said in a WeChat post:

"We are sorry for the negative impact that our conference has had on the public, and we will continue to run the conference with high standards."

However, enraged participants in the industry turn a deaf ear to his apology, calling the move "manipulative" and "deceitful".

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Industry watchers shoot down Gimmick

Project leaders also shot down the marketing techniques used by blockchain conferences, which are held regularly in famous places to give some degree of legitimacy and confidence to the event.

Managers also observed that the scene setup, venue and marketing design of the blockchain event were identical to Boao's official forum – a highly publicized political, economic and financial event featuring senior government officials

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"You invited President Mao, do not you do respect to our current President Xi," an investor who requested anonymity declared "All blockchain conferences unveil all invited speakers and actors so that we can support you. "

The show continues another day because the event is expected to end on May 29. However, it is unclear what police actions have been taken and if this would affect the remaining day of the holiday. event.

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