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The construction of links is complicated: a refutation

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Search Engine Land recently published a Julie Joyce chronicle on how we often complicate too much the creation of links, and when I read it, something surprising happened about it. . I disagree with her.

Well, I disagree with her.

I agree on securing a link, finding a site, contacting this site and getting a link, it's quite simple. But I argue that if you want to get meaningful results with building links, things are more complicated.

I see clients who overly simplify link building in terms of results all the time. They have a short-sighted view of link building and believe that it's a simple mathematical equation where increasing input means increases production and success is determined by the number of secure links.

However, links are a means to an end; the expected results are greater visibility, increased traffic and improved conversions. When the goal of link building is to generate search engine optimization (SEO) results instead of simply acquiring a defined number of links, the acquisition of links becomes much more complex.

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Factors that may hinder the success of link building include:

  • On the page and the technical elements.
  • Internal liaison.
  • Complications customer or service.

These issues can affect the performance of link building, making a smoother link campaign when viewed through the lens of SEO results.

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