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The "Digital Experience" Company Instart Logic Raises $ 30 Million for Global Expansion

Instart Logic raised $ 30 million in Series E financing.

The company describes its technology as a "digital experience platform". If that sounds vague, that's partly because Instart Logic offers a wide range of products covering performance optimization, image optimization, application firewall and its own diffusion. network.

The founder and CEO Manav Ratan Mital told me that the overall goal of the company is "to help customers earn more money through their initiatives. digital ", with artificial intelligence as the core technology.

"We have this ability to inspect the way users interact with the application on different networks," Mital said. "We can use this information and synthesize it on many different screens."

This analysis then Instart Logic to apply these previously mentioned products, which can result in a faster website or mobile application, has improved search engine rankings or help a publisher to bypass advertising blockers.

In fact, Instart Logic claims that its e-commerce customers generally see a 5-8% increase in revenue, while ad-supported publishers can see their revenues grow by 3-15%. Clients include Neiman Marcus, Kate Spade, Air Asia, Atlantic Media, Ziff Davis, Telstra (who is also an investor) and Nasdaq.

The new round brings the total funding of Instart Logic to $ 140 million. The plan, said Mital, is to expand the sales and marketing team with a special eye on Europe and Asia – which is one of the reasons for which the cycle was led by ST Telemedia, owned by Temasek Holdings of Singapore.

Mital said that he was thinking of an IPO, although he gave a joint answer on this subject: "I see myself building a very large company for the long term. moment, an IPO is going to be a step in this process. "Exactly when this point comes will depend, in part, on broader market forces.

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Featured image: Instart Logic